Watch energy consumption heat up under the collar

Temperatures around the city have been unusually warm, and not just because it’s midsummer.

It’s not because we’re in South Texas, either.

Okay, those things contribute to the heat, but if it’s unusually hot at your local sandwich shop or dollar store, it’s not your imagination. Someone may have decided to turn down the air conditioning to do their part.

This is because after being left out in the cold without electricity during those cold, cold February days, some of us are a little afraid of being powerless again. This time, however, we wouldn’t be able to survive by donning nine extra sweaters and the woolen hat someone gave us for Christmas.

In the summer, being without power means you can’t run indoors to avoid foggy glasses, sweat running down your back, wet hair sticking to your temples, and pants sticking to your legs.

This means that chilled water bottles are at room temperature at best. This means that the only fans who move are the ones the women keep in their purses. No central air conditioning units, no noisy windows, no big metal fans.

The idea of ​​overwhelming the electrical grid causes many people to refuse fresh air – just in case. With that in mind, CPS Energy suggests setting thermostats to 78 degrees or higher. Many San Antonians, fearing they would overwhelm the system again, accepted this adjustment in order to do their part.

Others are less concerned with saving the system and more focused on saving money. But while cutting down on cooling jobs for some people, it’s far too hot outside for others to consider such drastic measures.

It’s understandable. People get irritable when it’s too hot inside. Usually, happy coworkers get angry with each other over trivial issues, such as misplaced tape dispensers and empty staplers. Sweaty kids complain or have an attitude, and their parents have less patience and warm up much faster. When you’re uncomfortably hot, even a random phone call from someone pushing solar power has the potential to turn into an argument.

But it’s not just the South Texas summer sun that heats the locals below the pass. Many people just don’t like being told what to do with the power they are paying for, especially when the suggestions are followed by some and completely ignored by others.

We will therefore continue to hope to arrive until October without a major power incident. If we don’t, let’s remember how Texas kindness and concern helped so many people who had to melt snow to flush the toilet.

The weather may have changed, but we’re still in the same boat.

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