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WE tv has just officially announced a brand new season of their popular Love after lockdown derivative series Life after lockdown! Season 3 will feature EIGHT COUPLES, including three couples from the current season. Love after lockdown. (Actually there are a few threesomes, and even a quartet if you count Nicolle, Jr.)

The current season’s cast members who will go directly to Life after lockdown include Daonte, Nicolle and Tia, Britney and Ray, and Stan and Lisa. I must admit that I NEVER expected to see Daonte, Nicolle, Stan and Lisa on Life after lockdown simply because their relationship seems to be imploding quickly. Hope you don’t feel like the producers are just stretching their stories.

The new faces for the current season will be joined by veterans Brittany and Marcelino, Lacey and Shane (and John?), Amber and Puppy, John and Kristianna, and Shawn, Destinie and Sara.

Here is the dramatic trailer for the new season of Life after lockdown, followed by the presentation texts for each of the couples / trios / quartets of the network press release. I’ll also add any relevant links to stories from Starcasm about what will be featured on the show.



NEW YORK, NY – July 28, 2021 – The third season of the successful WE tv docuseries Life after lockdown returns with 16 new episodes on Friday, August 27 at 9 p.m. ET / 8 p.m. CT. Insanely Addictive Series Follows 10 Former Inmates And Their Relatives From The Blockbuster Series Love after lockdown, through their strange and wild journey to survive together in the real world.

This season, viewers will be shocked to see which couples step out of the prison walls and engage in their relationships. However, none of this will be easy as they have to fight the temptations of the outside world while learning to adjust to their new normal.

Couples this season include:

Daonte, Nicolle & Tia (Virginia Beach, Virginia / North Carolina)

As Daonte and Nicolle continue to work on their relationship, Nicolle also reunites with his prison girlfriend, Tia, behind Daonte’s back, at least that’s what she thinks. Nicolle tries to maintain relationships with the two, but how long is it going to last? When will Daonte say, enough is enough? Or will he do it?

HUGE spoil revealing what’s going on with Daonte, Nicolle and Tia!

Britney & Ray (Houston, Texas)

Britney doesn’t give Ray a moment to breathe and enjoy his newfound freedom, demanding that he find a job, offer her and give her a baby as soon as possible. Will Ray crack under the pressure? Will Britney have the wedding she has always dreamed of? And will Ray live up to his high expectations?

Britney and Ray spoilers

Ray’s Criminal History Details

Stan & Lisa (St. Louis, MO)

After a rough start to their relationship, Lisa and Stan do their best to make it work. Lisa doubts Stan’s financial situation and sometimes it seems like the only thing that keeps them together is their naughty adventures in the basement. Lisa and Stan both have secrets they’re hiding, but will a catfish reveal it all?

Marcelino & Brittany (Las Vegas, NV)

As Marcelino and Brittany move into their dream home with enough space for all the children and dogs, Brittany plans to open a halfway house and become a peer counselor. Brittany’s business dreams bring her back to life with other ex-criminals. Will her choices bring her back down the dangerous path, and will they blow up their budget… and their marriage?

Details on Brittany and Marcelino’s $ 425,000 dream home

Lacey & Shane (Virginia Beach, Virginia)

As a breadwinner, Lacey’s income has taken a hit since giving birth to Summer. Then Shane quits his job to help with the kids, but when he dodges daddy’s duty and disappears all day, he may still have a relationship – both in person and on social media – with Lacey. When these secrets are revealed, Shane and Lacey revert to old habits that test their union and may call into question their happiness forever.

It’ll be an on-screen reunion for Lacey and Daonte’s bae Nicolle! In case you missed it, Lacey and Nicolle were adult cam girls together before Nicolle went to jail.

Shawn, Sara & Destinie (Las Vegas, NV / Cincinnati, OH)

While Shawn was chasing Destinie, he also communicated with another inmate, Sara. This time, Shawn thinks Sara is the one and is ready to give up everything, including her family and her career in search of true love. Sara’s release date is fast approaching, but Shawn fears the same lies he told Destinie will catch up with him once again… and Sara has her own secrets. Destinie hasn’t stopped contacting Shawn and with his release imminent, can Shawn juggle the two women?

Details on Shawn and his new bae Sara

Amber and Puppy (Atlanta, Georgia)

After their messy breakup, Puppy becomes MIA and Amber is afraid of relapsing or being behind bars. She takes it upon herself to find Puppy, but will Amber like what she finds? Meanwhile, the two get serious with new boyfriends, however, their in-laws have previously been jailed for crimes similar to Amber and Puppy. Can the four downsides get you out of trouble or will the temptation for easy money become too great?

John and Kristianna (Cresco, IA)

John promises Kristianna the Christian wedding she’s always dreamed of, and this time Kristianna searches for the perfect venue (not John’s van) and the perfect dress (the one that fits her). Can John let Kristianna take the reins and not make this marriage about him? With the pressures of an upcoming marriage and a damaged relationship with her sister Terra, will she come to spoil their marital happiness or ultimately stay out of her relationship with John? When the wedding day arrives, Kristianna’s past comes back to haunt her – will she end up with a fiancee on the run?

Tune Life after lockdown Friday August 27 at 9 / 8c on WE tv.

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