Update: AT&T would run ads for adult websites on DIRECTV NOW

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Update # 3: Today, Viacom and AT&T contacted Cord Cutters News to say that the ad serving is being handled by Viacom. The ad has since been paused. The ad was an insert digital ad not part of the typical live TV ad unit and explains why some may have seen it and others may not. AT&T confirmed to Cord Cutters News that the ad ran, but they did not sell it.

Recently, Cord Cutters News began to hear reports that DIRECTV NOW was promoting an adult cam website called Sbabes.com. Now Cord Cutters News has received the following image showing the ads on DIRECTV NOW:

Update: Viacom confirmed to Cord Cutters News that they did not broadcast the ad posted in the tweet above.

According to our reader at 7:30 p.m. EST today, the ad you see above aired during an episode of The Office on Comedy Central. From the ad counter at the bottom left, it appears to be an ad sold by AT&T. (We are contacting AT&T and Viacom for comment on this.)

Recently, AT&T has started to develop the sale of its own ads. All live TV services can sell a set number of ads every hour. Services like DIRECTV NOW also sell advertisements during and from the appearance of any of these advertisements shown on the adult website. With AT&T selling targeted ads, you might see an ad, but your family member upstairs showing the same show will see a different ad.

It is very possible that AT&T is not aware that they are running an adult ad. There has been a history of ads being sold to push a product only to have the ad replaced with a riskier ad after it is approved. Many websites and ad networks crack down on adult advertising, but still push it through. It is very possible that this is just one more example of an ad going through when it shouldn’t have. For now, we’ll have to wait until Viacom and AT&T get back to Cord Cutters News to find out more.

Have you seen ads like this on DIRECTV NOW? Please leave us a comment and let us know.

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