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COVID-19 has changed the world of travel in countless ways. Some changes will wear off faster, like quarantines and resort closures, while others will persist in one form or another, including the use of hand sanitizer and a face mask. , for a certain time. Still, a few other welcome additions show no sign of going anywhere, like the idea of ​​working from Heaven.

As infections increased during the height of the pandemic, major cities have closed and for those who could, working from home has become commonplace. Freewheeling media professionals have found they can escape hot spots while cutting bankers’ hours just about anywhere. As long as they completed the day’s chores to their boss’ satisfaction, “working from home” could be “working from a beach chair”.

Meanwhile, hotels and resorts across Asia, along the Pacific and around the world have gone from full inactivity to partial capacity. These sites have looked for ways to quickly increase their income, while many tourists have been slow to leave their homes or brave the airlines.

Where to work from paradise

Addressing life’s more adventurous workers, destinations have created extended stay packages so guests can go about their business during the day and enjoy after-hours amenities. Including everything from improved cleaning procedures to improved Wi-Fi and shipping services, hotels have brought in COVID-weary professionals looking to recharge without disrupting their daily routines.

1. Shangri-La Island, Hong Kong

Shangri-La Island, Hong Kong Pool and Building, Work from Paradise

Shangri-La Island, Hong Kong Pool and Building, Work from Paradise

The Shangri-La Group operates more than 100 hotels and resorts across Asia. Senior Vice President Pippa Williamson said the Shangri-La Group has implemented its “work from hotel” programs as a critical means of serving consumers.

For example, Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong, offers long-stay residential privileges to guests booking a minimum of 14 consecutive nights at $ 219 per day. Each room booked has a large desk and access to the hotel’s business center for printing, copying and teleconferencing, as well as other features. The package also includes:

  • Daily buffet breakfast, free WiFi

  • 15% discount on business center services

  • 30% discount on food and drinks from the minibar

  • 30% discount on laundry or dry cleaning services

  • 20% discount on food and drinks in the hotel’s many restaurants and bars

  • 20% discount on spa services

“Work-from-the-hotel programs provide a much-needed sanctuary for many,” said Williamson. “We find that our clients are looking to escape to paradise to clear their heads and reset , while others have embraced the “work from home” trend and have chosen to work remotely. “

2. Pueblo Bonito Golf & Spa Resort

Pueblo Bonito Golf & Golf Course Spa Resort, Work from Paradise

Golf course Pueblo Bonito Golf & Spa Resort, Work from Paradise

Pueblo Bonito in Cabo San Lucas offers over 201 suites, the Armonia Spa, and access to the world-class Quivira Golf Club (designed by “The Golden Bear” Jack Nicklaus himself).

According to Enrique Gandara, vice president of sales and marketing for Pueblo Bonito Golf and Spa Resorts, the Productive in Paradise package offers office and IT support, enhanced Wi-Fi, scanners, printers and photocopying services. Shipping and receiving options are also available via DHL and Federal Express. The guest retains access to other resort amenities including restaurants, beach access, free parking, laundry, and dry cleaning services.

3. Hotels in Fullerton

Main Entrance to Fullerton Hotels, Work for Heaven

Main Entrance to Fullerton Hotels, Work for Heaven

The Fullerton Hotel and Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore offer their guests ‘day-use rooms’ with high-speed Wi-Fi and coffee or tea service as part of the Work from Fullerton service. After work, participants can relax with a workout in the gym or swim in the infinity pool before heading home. The Fullerton program includes a $ 50 meal credit in the room package to be used throughout the donated hotel.

Cavaliere Giovanni Viterale, Managing Director of The Fullerton Hotels and Resorts, explained that the properties saw immediate demand from businesses looking for a safe and comfortable environment to integrate work and leisure.

“We have received a very positive and constant request,” Viterale told us. “Instead of having to make arrangements to organize an overnight stay, our ‘Work from Fullerton’ guests enjoy the flexibility of spending the day at the hotel to use the amenities before returning home to be with their family.”

4. Banyan Tree

Banyan Tree Black Dragon Pool, work of paradise

Banyan Tree Black Dragon Pool, work of paradise

The Banyan Tree Group owns hotels and resorts internationally, with several stops available in China, Indonesia and Malaysia. Adrien Lahoussaye, Head of Content and Innovation, described their Banyan Tree Habitat program as a way to live, work and travel via extended stays at properties in more than 30 destinations around the world.

“At this point, given the growing success of the program, we no longer see Habitat as a solution to a period of low demand, but rather as an offering to the needs of emerging travelers who are here to stay,” says Lahoussaye. “We are constantly and quickly refining the program based on customer feedback in an agile manner, including more convenient remote workstations, new equipment, travel guides, and more. “

5. Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos in Costa Palmas

Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos in Costa Palmas view from room, work from paradise

Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos in Costa Palmas view from room, work from paradise

A newer development built along the more remote Eastern Cape of the Lower Baja Peninsula, the Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos in Costa Palmas will continue to offer its private retreat program for extended stays through December 1, 2021.

Visitors must book for a minimum stay of seven nights. They will appreciate:

  • Round-trip transportation between Los Cabos International Airport and the resort once per stay

  • Daily breakfast for up to two people per room

  • Exclusive dinner with a private chef, served in their villa or residence or on the beach in East Cape, for two people per room once per stay.

  • Bonfire on the beach after dinner with desserts and drinks for two people per room once per stay

  • Access to the services of a Personal Residential Assistant

Of course, the trickiest part could be working with the Costa Palmas golf course on the property.

6. Hotels in Como

COMO Hotels villas in the Maldives, work of paradise

COMO Hotels villas in the Maldives, work of paradise

COMO Hotels and Resorts specializes in luxury venues and operates globally. Khumar Askerova, sales and marketing director for COMO Group in the Maldives, said he had started to see customers seeking extended stays of at least 30 days as overseas travel slowed.

“With each new announcement of new lockouts and restrictions, there have been more requests to ‘stay and work remotely’,” says Askerova. “These offers have remained in constant demand. Requests for long stay offers came mainly from the UK and US markets, especially from families with children looking for a beautiful remote destination where they can also continue their learning online while parents work remotely.

COMO plans to keep its long-term stay and work guest programs in place like their international competitors, even as the pandemic eases, as times remain uncertain.

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