Shelter Island Police Department desk pad: September 29

Those named in arrest reports or who have received summons from the police have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn, or the accused may be found not guilty.


Juan I. Borgogno of Shelter Island was driving on North Ferry Road on September 22 when he was arrested by police and convicted of failing to respect the right.

Police conducted 10 distracted driving, radar checks and roadside checks from September 21 to 26 in Center, Cartwright and Menantic, resulting in seven warnings and one ticket.


Christopher Gregory Chobor of Londonderry, Vermont, was driving north on North Midway Road on September 24 when a deer rushed onto the pavement, hitting his pickup truck and causing more than $ 1,000 in windshield damage.

On September 25, Noel Bernard Cunningham of Brooklyn was exiting a parking lot on North Menantic Road when he collided with a parked vehicle belonging to Tom P. Eicas of Fort Myers, Florida. -the rear side of Mr. Cunningham’s vehicle and the passenger side of Mr. Eicas’ vehicle totaled over $ 1,000.

A deer rushed into Brander Parkway on September 23 and struck a police department vehicle while the officer was on patrol. The driver’s side front bumper sustained minor damage. The deer must have been shot.

Other reports

On September 21, the top of a cement truck, traveling east on Hillside Drive in HiLo, grabbed and knocked down electrical wires and cables to a residence. PSEG has been notified and the owner has advised to call Optimum. An officer remained at the scene for traffic control.

A caller reported on September 22 that a vehicle was traveling erratically from South Ferry to Shelter Island Slice. The vehicle was parked there and an officer could not see the moving vehicle.

Also on the 22nd, the police learned that an SUV with a “for sale” sign had been parked along the dike in the heights for several weeks. A parking ticket was issued and the owner subsequently advised that the vehicle be removed.

A verbal dispute over ownership in Cartwright was reported to police on September 23 for information.

An officer on patrol noticed a trailer left in a town disembarking on Ram Island on September 23; the owner has been advised to move it.

Police received a complaint on the 23rd that an all-terrain motorcycle was heard operating in a woodland in Center. The area was surveyed with negative results. Also on the 23rd, a complaint was received about a parked vehicle blocking a right of way in Cartwright.

An officer on patrol on September 24 noticed new graffiti under the second bridge. A caller from Menantic who had electrical problems was notified to inform PSEG. A resident of the Center reported that a neighbor was mowing a personal path on the property. The police were told to ask the neighbor to stop mowing and did so.

A loud party was reported in the Center on September 25 after midnight; an officer responded and the owner turned the music down without incident.

Bay Officers conducted an Environmental Conservation Act audit of all city landings from the Ram Island Causeway to Hiberry Lane on the 25th. There were no violations and no one was observed fishing.

An anonymous caller complained of a vehicle partially parked on a Ram Island road, causing danger. Police notified the owner that he was parked illegally and to move the vehicle.

On the 26th, a sailboat was reported stranded off Crab Creek. SeaTow was at the scene when the police arrived. The ongoing inheritance issues at the Center were brought to the attention of the police on September 26-27.

A Hay Beach caller told police she had been locked out of her house and her garage door opener was not working. An officer entered through an unlocked sliding door and advised the appellant to replace the battery in his garage door opener and take the key to the front door with her.

In other incidents during the week, police attended gun training sessions in Westhampton, unlocked a vehicle with the keys inside, recorded two reports of loss and discovery, responded to two false calls to 911 and performed a wellness check.


The Shelter Island Fire Department (SIFD) responded to four alarms on September 22 and 23 in the center and two on September 23 in West Neck and Cartwright. In one case, high levels of carbon monoxide were found, coming from a gas stove that had been turned off. The resident caller was checked by an EMS team and refused further assistance. SIFD cut the propane outside the house and ventilated the residence before declaring the premises safe for occupancy.

A second alarm was accidentally triggered by a tenant. SIFD checked the residence for a third alarm and found no problems. The fourth alarm was the result of a system malfunction.

A burglary alarm at Hay Beach on September 22 was activated by a guard who had a problem with the password. Police responded to a movement alarm in Dering Harbor on September 23, searched the residence and found no signs of criminal activity. A fire alarm at Hay Beach was triggered by smoke from an oven on September 25.

Animal incidents

A loose dog has been reported in Westmoreland; an animal control officer (ACO) searched the area without success. A caller testified that dogs were barking at one location at the Center; an ACO asked the owner to put the dogs inside the house. A dog was found loose in the center and taken to the police headquarters. The owner was notified and recovered the animal.

An officer found a dog at large in the Center and returned it to its owner. The dogs at large in Montclair and Cartwright were claimed by their owners before the arrival of the ACO.

Sick raccoons in Hay Beach and West Neck were captured by an ACO and taken to a vet for euthanasia. An officer on patrol noticed a sick raccoon acting erratically in a Menantic alley; the raccoon must have been shot by the officer.

A deer reported swimming in West Neck Harbor and appeared to be in distress. The deer then drowned and was brought back to land.

One dead cat reported to the Center was in fact a dead opossum; an ACO disposed of it.

Assisted cases

Shelter Island emergency medical teams transported 10 people to Eastern Long Island Hospital on September 21, 22, 23, 24 and 26. Another person was taken to Southampton Hospital on September 22.

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