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Glendora owners know that outdoor air quality isn’t always the best. California’s wildfire season seems to be getting longer every year, but that doesn’t mean residents can’t enjoy clean, treated air in their own homes. With regular cleaning of the air ducts, it is perfectly possible for every Glendora resident to have a place to remove allergens, smoke and other airborne contaminants.

Signs it’s time to schedule a duct cleaning

There is no set schedule for when homeowners should have their ductwork cleaned. Most people schedule cleanings once a year, but this is just a general guideline, not a hard and fast rule. Keep an eye out for the common signs of decreased air quality listed below and call Accurate Electric Plumbing Heating & Air as soon as problems arise to schedule duct cleaning.

Visible dust

It is common for households to accumulate a small layer of dust if no one takes care of the routine cleaning. What is not normal is that puffs of dust come out of the vents every time the HVAC system starts up. Visible dust means there are airborne particles accumulating in the ducts that need to be disposed of properly.

Clogged air filters

All HVAC systems should have their filters changed or cleaned periodically, but if it seems like they are clogging more often, it may be time to check the ducts. If the filters need to be changed more than once a month for the system to operate efficiently, proper duct cleaning is required. Visit to learn more about a local company that can help you.

Increased allergy symptoms

If one or more residents show increased allergy symptoms when spending time at home, there may be pollen, dust, or even mold inside the ducts. Cleaning the ducts usually fixes the problem, but some families also install air purifiers throughout the house to provide further relief from severe allergy symptoms.

Low air flow

Large accumulations of dust and other obstructions can make it more difficult for air to pass through ducts and registers. Pay attention to the amount of air coming out of the vents. If it is inconsistent or changes depending on the location of the vents in the house, a good cleaning could put things back in order.

Unpleasant odors

Unpleasant odors coming from ducts or vents are a sure sign that there is serious debris accumulated in the system. It could be mold or other airborne contaminants causing the unwanted odors, but whatever is causing them, the ducts will need to be cleaned.

Benefits of regular duct cleaning

Homeowners don’t have to wait until something goes wrong to schedule a duct cleaning. Sticking to a fixed schedule offers a number of advantages, including:

  • Better indoor air quality

  • Fewer allergies and asthma symptoms

  • Increased efficiency and longevity of HVAC

  • Reduced monthly heating and cooling costs

Schedule a duct cleaning today

With the end of summer approaching, now is the perfect time to plan for professional duct cleaning. Precise electricity, plumbing, heating and air have been in business for over two decades and some of the state’s most skilled HVAC technicians are available to perform inspections, cleanings and even complete system replacements. .

Visit to contact and schedule a service call.

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