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Neil Rissman of Swish Wheelie Wash with their trailer helping with the trash cleaning process.

Bundaberg’s new business Swish Wheelie Wash focuses on the environment and cleanliness, using recycled water to clean household and commercial trash cans.

Business owners Matthew Caughley and Neil Rissman saw a gap in the market for a trash washing service after Neil used a similar service while in Mackay.

He said Swish Wheelie Wash is committed to providing a reliable, professional and environmentally friendly garbage cleaning service to customers in Bundaberg and Bargara and surrounding areas.

Neil said that due to the hot climate in the Bundaberg region, it was important that the bins were kept clean.

“We found that the weather in Bundaberg made keeping our own bins a high priority, and that it’s not something that most people and businesses can or want to do on their own, at least not according to the kind of standards we had for our own bins. ”Said Neil.

“Dirty trash cans, especially in our hot climate, are a breeding ground for germs and pathogenic bacteria, not to mention the attraction of flies, ants, rodents and spiders which all pose their individual problems.

“We base our service on providing our customers with a cost effective and professional solution on a reliable and hassle-free basis. “

Neil said the service uses a unique method thanks to its specially designed cleaning trailer.

“After extensive research, we decided to purchase our trailer from a Gold Coast trash cleaning company that designed and manufactured the trailers,” he said.

“Our supplier has been in the industry for over 20 years and has continued to innovate and evolve the configuration to the current configuration we use today.

“Our unique wheelie bin cleaning process is a professional solution to cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing your bins, without getting your hands dirty,” he said.

“We arrive the same day as your regular garbage collection and clean your garbage cans quickly but thoroughly with high pressure water that is captured, filtered and recycled.

“This, combined with the use of natural and biodegradable products, produces amazing results and you get a clean, fresh smelling and completely sanitized bin every time, just enough to make sure you maintain an environment. safer and healthier household. “

Neil said the benefits of the service included:

  • Significant reduction in wastewater: The specialized unit uses high pressure water on board which is captured, filtered and recycled.
  • Ecological: They use biodegradable eucalyptus-based products, leaving your garbage cans smelling fresh and clean.
  • Antibacterial: Biodegradable products kill odor-causing bacteria, leaving your bins fresher for longer.

The service is also available for commercial enterprises.

“We also work with business clients at times that are convenient for you and that suit your business operations,” he said.

“Some CBD business customers prefer our services to be completed before 6 a.m. and ready for the day, others prefer to be completed after 6 p.m.

“We are very flexible and understand that each business has its own challenges and we work to deliver the best possible result to our clients when it is convenient for them. “

You can read more about Swish Wheelie Wash here.

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