JapanCupid Review: Trustworthy Dating Website Or Even The Flop Show?

JapanCupid Review: Trustworthy Dating Website Or Even The Flop Show?

JapanCupid is one of Cupid Media’s niche online dating services. Japan Cupid tends to help Japanese singles meet online. We destroyed this Japanese dating site and found some shocking statistics about them.

First, Japancupid is not just for Japanese singles. If you like Japanese men and women, it is possible to take advantage of this dating site and try your fortune. Whether you are in Japan or overseas, Japancupid works as a connection to connect international people fulfilling Japanese men and women.

It gets the recognition and branding without too much sweat since it is a child product of a giant cupid dating. Having said that, is Japancupid a legitimate platform to satisfy Japanese singles or not?

Follow my updated Japancupid review to find some interesting facts and figures and get the answers as to whether we can trust this Japanese dating site or not.

JapanCupid Research and Overview:

The website itself mentions that it has received over a million new users. This is something we don’t often see in countries like Japan.

Also, the dating trends are really quite different in Japan compared to other European countries.

A big sigh of relief at seeing non-Japanese users is found on the dating website. Cupid Media is a popular sort of business that has over 30 niche dating sites under its gear.

Then you are probably wrong if you have heard that Japan Cupid is a free Japanese dating site. Cupid’s site in Japan that comes out with a freemium platform. In other words, signing up is free but not the best feature.

It might sound crazy, but it’s true, over 100,000 people have registered through the United States of America on Cupid’s Japanese site. Plus, it tells us how much Americans love to date Japanese girls.

Characteristics of Cupid from Japan:

When I mentioned it earlier today, registration is free and anyone over the age of 18 can register following the instructions. Here you will find the items you will need to include to generate a free account in Japanese Cupid,

  • Username, password, email, gender, age, country and city.
  • Confirm your account by following the actions of the email that was delivered to you. After the actual registration, you can go to the main menu to view Japanese men and women.

    Directly, we are able to display a large amount of Japanese men pages and less Japanese women pages. As an example, the ratio is 5: 1 and only male users. This is a drawback from the start for non-Japanese people who would like to find girls for an evening together.

    Every day on average, 5000 members come to connect to the Japan Cupid dating site. It is much less to their requirements. This is what happens if you find instability in the ratio of dating users.

    This Japanese dating site has a lot of inactive users!

    Japanese Cupid users

    We think it’s quite a contrast to see members in their 30s dating a lot more than young adults. The desire to find a Japanese girl is still there, but that simple.

    During the same period, most Japanese Women’s Pages are not active for more than 12 months. Anyone who is online as a woman never responds to virtually any of our communications. It is true that Japan Cupidon even offers fake and spammy users.

    Online dating sites seem to be facing this nagging problem regardless of the size of the organization. I might not mean to lie, often I like the most useful adult cam sites for flirting with Asian girls, so it works like a charm.

    Cupid membership plans in Japan:

    go out together

    This niche dating site follows a rate model comparable to many other Cupid online dating sites. Nothing is Fruitful can help you by having a free individual account. Therefore, if you are considering upgrading to a reasonably limited account, come see us.

    He got two account awards, first, membership which is gold, second, platinum membership.

    Gold subscriptions

  • 29.98 $ †“1 thirty days
  • $ 59.99 †“3 months ($ 20 month is per
  • $ 119.98 †“one year ($ 10 each month)
  • Platinum Account Plans

  • Month 34.99 $ †“1
  • $ 69.98 †“3 months ($ 23.33 month is per
  • $ 149.99 †“one year ($ 12.50 each month)
  • The rates are 100% above average and never successful. This is the reason why I prefer to apply this site these days to Cupid’s companies.

    Benefits of Premium Membership

  • Send communications to all or some of the registered members
  • Instant messaging choice
  • Be anonymous habbo dating group and spy on other pages without being noticed
  • Better profile ranking in front of other people
  • VIP badge
  • Advanced search
  • It doesn’t make any difference to the exact number of features they offer to premium users. End to whether the website helps you find a real Japanese bachelor or not, the answer is not a day. This dating site will not help you get a Japanese girlfriend.

    Websites like JapanCupid:

    I used to decide to try my luck on other Asian online dating sites such as AsiaFriendFinder & AsianDating (review in links) when the answers might not be inviting too.

    The home page of the Japanese cupid dating website looks typical.

    How many exactly are looking for a night out with Japanese girls? We keep asking the question who is the same Cupid person, and some openly say they want to hook up with the Japanez girls.

    The truth is you are knocking on the wrong door. Look for webcam websites like for example LiveJasmin & Streamate (check website link). Both websites have breathtaking Japanese cam girls waiting to be hooked up online.

    The key news for non-Japanese users is that the cam sites actually have English-speaking Japanese models. Hence, it is really much nicer compared to dating apps.

    Summary of Japancupid reviews:

    The intention is to search for Japanese singles by now, but it seems many of them have lost it. Yes, there is definitely Japan Cupid software available. However, this did not allow the individual to find genuine members.

    Nonetheless, the dating app is worse than a site. This has a lot of noise, plus the loading speed is just not as important as Cupid’s requirements.

    Men are irritating and women are inactive, and active people are false. Therefore, the calculation is done by you. This has been a ridiculous Japancupid experience.

    Cupid site in Japan which releases a flop show for all. “Jason Lee.

    Overall, it’s a bummer, and the search for effective Japanese relationship apps is alive and well nonetheless.

    Find out how other hookup sites in Asia as well as other parts of the world are doing right now. Importantly, Japancupid is not a trustworthy platform because of the users.

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