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Brené Brown calls it Day 2. Scott Belsky calls it The Messy Middle.

Both talk about the intermediate kilometers between the start line and the finish line of a long arduous marathon, the difficult sites where there is often no turning back and where you have to figure out how to get out of the fog of the challenge. and ambiguity. Day 2 and the Messy Middle cannot be skipped; they are essential to the project, the company or the course.

Often the first mile and the last mile are the most enjoyable, when you leave with a sense of novelty and opportunity, and later when you head to a finish line with a sense of pride and accomplishment. . The 24 miles in between are filled with fear, crisis, uncertainty and worldliness, but it is in these miles that magic and learning occurs, where resilience is built.

Reignite concludes her second series with plenty more in Belsky’s Messy Middle or Brown’s Day 2. We’ve had four episodes discussing what we’ve learned over the past 18 months, what effective leadership looks like, how to avoid burnout, and how to break glass ceilings. In Reignite 2.5, we discuss what the future of work looks like, as people return to school, college, and the workplace or face new jobs, career changes or challenges. retirements.

We are joined by Anne O’Leary of Vodafone, futurist Philipp Kristian, who thinks the time has come to ‘Reset’ and create a different future, and Scott Belsky, author of The Messy Middle.

Belsky will argue that resilience is built by enduring the lows and maximizing the highs, while creating a sense of optimism in order to re-energize those around you. Expect him to advocate for hiring people with initiative, rather than experience, to hire people who have endured adversity, rather than filtering resumes based on ratings. exam or corporate titles.

He recently coined the phrase ‘education for employment’, a new era that will see people change their approach to meet the needs of the market. According to this model, people will choose a profession, get an education and training, find a job or create a business, all within a unique support framework. Take for example a company called Nana that will train you in appliance repair and then move you to a locality, fueled by advice and leads from the manufacturers of those appliances. Or another company called Main Street that will train you as a painter, provide you with all the tools you need, and get you fully up and running within 30 days.

Reignite 2.5 also explores themes such as menopause awareness training, finding new career opportunities after retirement, resetting, and the importance of perfecting yourself, staying curious and never being done. To use Scott Belsky’s words: “To have done is to die.”

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