Hart planning requests between May 17-23

The list below, taken from the Hart District Council website on Monday, May 24, contains the planning requests that became valid the previous week in Hart.

  • 21/01431 / TPO: Treeworks. 3 Woodcote Green, Fleet, Hampshire.
  • 21/01430 / TPO: Treeworks. 4 Kenmore Close, Crookham Church, Fleet, Hampshire.
  • 21/01425 / TPO: Treeworks. 1 Sydney Loader Place, Blackwater, Hampshire.
    21/01417 / CA: Treeworks. Woodside, Broad Oak, Odiham, Hook, Hampshire.
  • 21/01412 / PRIOR: Installation of a rear extension of one floor, enlargement of the window towards the rear of the ground floor and blocking of the door on the ground floor side. 22 Stilwell Close, Yateley, Hampshire.
  • 21/01416 / PDTEL: Notification under the Electronic Communications Code Regulation 2003 (Conditions and Restrictions) (as amended) to use the development rights allowed on MBNL_HRT036_EE_25630. Brickyard Plantation, Pale Lane, Elvetham, Fleet, Hampshire.
  • 01/21403 / TPO: Treeworks. 123 Elvetham Road, Fleet, Hampshire.
  • 01/21404 / CA: Treeworks. 123 Elvetham Road, Fleet, Hampshire.
  • 01/21401 / PREAPP: Proposal for lateral and rear extension with two floors. 5 Fitzroy Road, Fleet, Hampshire.
  • 21/01394 / CA: Treeworks. Freshwoods, Reading Road North, Fleet, Hampshire.
  • 01/21407 / TPO: Treeworks. Bluebell Cottage, Eversley Center, Eversley, Hook, Hampshire.
  • 21/01377 / TPO: Treeworks. 2 The Oaks, Yateley, Hampshire.
  • 21/01367 / CA: Treeworks. 1B Regent Street, Fleet, Hampshire.
  • 21/01383 / CON: Discharge of condition 10 (exterior lighting) in accordance with the building permit (ref: 11/01757 / FUL) Construction of a building intended to provide a fitness room with swimming pool, including the conversion of former gardeners. Heckfield Place, Bramshill Road, Heckfield, Hook, Hampshire.
  • 21/01382 / CON: Approval of conditions 3 (mortar) and declaration of method 9 – in accordance with 20/00771 / LBC Construction of a lateral extension, transformation of the garage into habitable accommodation. Modifications to the roof and modifications to the windows. Firgrove Manor Cottage, Firgrove Road, Yateley, Hampshire.

  • 21/00269 / CON: Approval of condition 4 (tree protection) in accordance with 21/00269 / HOU. Demolition of the existing single garage, covered lane and laundry room and erection of a two-story side extension and a one-story front extension. Removal of the existing horizontal siding on the front gable of the house and finish the wall with a smooth plaster (painted off-white). Modifications to windows and doors. 12 Carleton Close, Hook, Hampshire.
  • 21/01372 / PREAPP: Proposal to split the plot into two plots with a new detached three bedroom bungalow. 10 Richmond Close, Fleet, Hampshire.
  • 21/01363 / HOU: Conversion of existing garage into habitable accommodation to include replacement of garage doors with windows, insertion of French doors on rear elevation and window on side elevation. Ikhaya, Wedmans Lane, Rotherwick, Hook, Hampshire.
  • 21/01330 / TPO: Treeworks. 3 Rushmoor Close, Fleet, Hampshire.
  • 01/21304 / HOU: Conversion of the garage into habitable accommodation and insertion of window on side elevation. 32 Oak Tree Close, Odiham, Hook, Hampshire.
  • 01/21305 / HOU: Attic conversion project with front dormer and insertion of two skylights in the front roof slope and a dormer on the rear roof slope. Poplars, Pankridge Street, Crondall, Hampshire.
  • 21/01291 / HOU: Demolition of an existing veranda and construction of a veranda. Brambledene, Eversley Road, Yateley, Hampshire.
  • 21/01285 / AMCON: Modification of condition 2 attached to the building permit application reference number 21/00616 / HOU dated 05/07/2021 to allow modifications to the drawings. The proposed changes introduce hipped dormers at the northeast elevation. Thistledown Well Road, Crondall, Hampshire.
  • 21/01284 / HOU: Conversion of the attic of the garage into habitable accommodation. 17 Twisell Thorne, Crookham Church, Fleet, Hampshire.
  • 21/01298 / HOU: Demolition of the garage / garden building and construction of a garden room in the rear garden. 62 Vicarage Road, Blackwater, Hampshire.

  • 21/00103 / CON: Approval of condition 3 (window details) in accordance with 21/00103 / HOU. Window offered from the ground floor to the front of the accommodation. Croft Lodge, Croft Road, Hartley Wintney, Hook, Hampshire.
  • 21/01281 / HOU: Demolition of the garage and construction of a detached garage with office space above, side extension on one level, rear orangery, changes of windows, swimming pool with associated technical room and changing rooms. Shepewood House, The Street, Long Sutton, Hook, Hampshire.
  • 21/01271 / LDC: Construction of a one-storey rear extension following the demolition of the existing veranda. 3 Wentworth Close, Yateley, Hampshire.
  • 21/01419 / TPO: Treeworks. 2 Foxcroft Moore Road, Church Crookham, Fleet, Hampshire.
  • 21/01272 / HOU: Demolition of the veranda and construction of a single storey rear extension, modification of the windows at the side elevation. Beaver Lodge, 43 Elvetham Road, Fleet, Hampshire.
  • 21/01268 / FUL: Construction of six housing units with associated amenity space, access, parking, landscaping and associated work following the demolition of buildings. Homecroft Farm, Church Lane, Ewshot, Hampshire.
  • 21/01262 / ADV: Display of exterior signage for the new service station and the forecourt. Internally illuminated logos, internally illuminated totem sign and unlit parking signs. Co-operative Retail Services Ltd, 13 Reading Road, Yateley, Hampshire.
  • 21/01252 / TPO: Treeworks. 57 Bartons Drive, Yateley, Hampshire.
  • 21/01254 / REM: Reserved questions requesting approval of access, appearance, layout and scale of 39 residential units in accordance with 16/01651 / OUT. Land north of Netherhouse Copse, Hitches Lane, Fleet, Hampshire.
  • 01/21205 / FUL: Installation of a closed fuel tank measuring 4.05 mx 2.50 mx 3.00 m. Hart Council Depot, Springwell Lane, Hartley Wintney, Hook, Hampshire.

  • 21/01213 / HOU: Construction of a side and rear extension on one level following the demolition of the existing veranda and outbuilding, blocking of the window on the ground floor side and raised terrace. 1 Stilwell Close, Yateley, Hampshire.
  • 20/01577 / CON: Approval of condition 3 (materials) in accordance with 20/01577 / FUL. Removal of existing fences and erection of a replacement fence and erection of a permanent storage building on land associated with the Phoenix Green Garage. Phoenix Green Garage, London Road, Hartley Wintney, Hook, Hampshire.
  • 21/01184 / HOU: Demolition of the garage and construction of a new garage. 12 Fairland Close, Fleet, Hampshire.
  • 21/01143 / FUL: Conversion of the existing garage sale into three two-bedroom apartments to include the insertion of eight skylights in the front, six skylights in the back, five skylights on one side, seven skylights on the other side and seven flat roof skylights. Crondall Place, Church Road, Fleet, Hampshire.
  • 21/01095 / HOU: Demolish the existing garden shed and replace it with a new garden shed / summer house to store garden furniture and garden tools / machines. Yew Tree Cottage, The Street, Rotherwick, Hook, Hampshire.
  • 21/01088 / HOU: Demolition of the veranda and construction of a side, front and rear extension of a single storey. New dormer with side-rise terrace and replacement of the existing dormer with a new side-rise dormer. Modifications of existing external finishes. Beeches, Bramshill Road, Heckfield, Hook, Hampshire.
  • 21/00927 / HOU: Conversion of the garage into habitable accommodation and insertion of window on side elevation. 2 The Brambles, Fleet, Hampshire.
  • 21/00901 / HOU: Replacement of the skylight window and the front door. 5 Castle Bridge Cottages, Hook Road North, Warnborough, Hook, Hampshire.
  • 21/00881 / FUL: Construction of a two-storey outbuilding. Dignity Animal Crematorium, Odiham Road, Winchfield, Hook, Hampshire.
  • 21/00849 / FUL: Construction of two commercial units with associated parking, bin and bicycle store and landscaping. Church Farm Business Center, Church Road, Eversley, Hook, Hampshire.
  • 21/00858 / FUL: Conservation of six housing units for seasonal workers. Church Farm, West Bramshill Road, Bramshill, Hook, Hampshire.

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