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Naperville, Illinois – As one of the nation’s leading pressure washing companies, National SoftWash, Inc has extensive experience in providing pressure washing services to commercial and residential properties. With a wide range of options for homeowners and businesses, the company offers hot water washing services that are environmentally friendly and use high quality detergents. The company specializes in exterior cleaning, so customers don’t have to worry about other methods that could damage their home’s surfaces. In addition to pressure washing services, National SoftWash, Inc also offers gutter cleaning and maintenance and window cleaning services. They use environmentally friendly products on all jobs to ensure customer satisfaction.

“In order for customers to maintain the aesthetic value of their home, they need to make sure the exterior is clean. This is why it is crucial to have a professional high pressure washing service like National SoftWash, Inc. We provide window cleaning, pressure washing, gutter cleaning and more, all with our system. soft wash exterior paint. With years of experience working with homes and businesses in the Illinois area, we know what it takes to keep your property looking its best for months to come. Whether you need us once or twice a year or need monthly maintenance sessions, we’ve got you covered.

National Softwash, Inc. also has expertise in roof cleaning. The company offers unbeatable roof cleaning services that will maintain the integrity of the roof shingles. Roof cleaning services provided by National Softwash, Inc. help protect a customer’s roof from damage due to algae and fungus attacks, which may require a roof to be replaced early. Other problems that can result from a dirty roof include decreasing the value of the home and increasing the temperature inside a home, which can result in utility bills for heating and electricity. through the roof. National Softwash, Inc.’s low pressure roof cleaning ensures that a customer’s roof has a long life by removing stains and streaks. Additionally, National SoftWash, Inc. pressure washing uses environmentally friendly cleaning products that exterminate algae and their spore forms.

National SoftWash, Inc.’s algae removal specialists also clean residential siding on customers’ homes. This deep cleaning leaves homes looking like new by using a pressure wash to remove algae and fungal growth.

Customers can visit National Softwash, Inc at their offices at 23839 W Andrew Rd # 103, Plainfield, IL 60585. They can also call (630) 730-6707 or visit the company’s website to schedule a free inspection of home today.

Media contact

Company Name
National SoftWash, Inc
Name of the contact
Eric Marsaglia
(630) 730-6707
23839 West Andrew Road # 103
United States

]]> Wellesley Police Diary: Road Rage at RDF; suspect YES arrested on Cliff Road; retailers, customers are fighting https://waynesusedparts.com/wellesley-police-diary-road-rage-at-rdf-suspect-yes-arrested-on-cliff-road-retailers-customers-are-fighting/ Thu, 16 Sep 2021 13:31:54 +0000 https://waynesusedparts.com/wellesley-police-diary-road-rage-at-rdf-suspect-yes-arrested-on-cliff-road-retailers-customers-are-fighting/

Wellesley, MA Police Journal for the week of Aug 31-Sep. 4:


On September 1, 2021 at 10:54 a.m., Constable Cunningham was on patrol when he observed a commercial truck with an uncovered load, a broken tail light and no inspection sticker. He stopped the truck and spoke with the operator, and asked for his license and vehicle registration. A request for his information indicated that there was an active warrant issued by the Peabody District Court for motor vehicle-related charges and that he did not have a valid driver’s license. He was taken into custody, transported to the train station, booked in the usual way, granted full rights and transported to Dedham District Court.

On September 2, 2021 at 11:56 a.m. Constable Rosenberg was dispatched to the Lower Falls area for a report of a group of men who stole cigarettes from a gas station and left when confronted with an employee. The group of men was located across the street. Officers tried to tell him about the theft, but he did not cooperate and tried to escape. He was taken into custody, transported to the station, booked in the usual way and transported to Dedham District Court.

On September 4, 2021 at 5:45 p.m., Agent DeBernardi was dispatched to Worcester Street for an erratic operator report. Several people called the Emergency Communications Center stating that the gray pickup truck was unable to maintain its lane and struck the guardrail several times. Officer DeBernardi met the operator, after he pulled into the driveway of a residence on Cliff Road. He said he was driving the vehicle. The driver was unsteady on his feet, his speech was slow and muddled. He agreed to undergo reasonable balance and coordination tests to determine if he was able to operate a motor vehicle safely. He could not pass these tests. He was taken into custody, transported to the station, booked in the usual way, all rights were granted and released on personal commitment.


On August 30, 2021 at 6:44 a.m., Constable Fritts was sent to Sprague School Field maintenance hangar for hangar vandalism report. An employee of the Town of Wellesley’s Facilities and Maintenance Department showed Constable Fritts new graffiti that appeared to have been written in pen on the Francis Road side of the building. Vandalism sometimes occurred between August 27e and August 30e. There are no suspects at the moment.

On August 30, 2021 at 5:09 p.m., Constable Harris spoke to a male party who said his Range Rover was stolen from his driveway on August 29e and was collected in Methuen. He believed the door was locked when the vehicle was picked up. The garage door opener and vehicle registration have been removed from the vehicle. Officer Harris is investigating.

August 31, 2021 at 8:41 a.m. Officer Collins spoke with an employee at the Wellesley Recycling and Disposal Facility about a road rage incident this had happened shortly before, when the driver of a white Volkswagen Jetta had attempted to throw objects at him twice. He believed the driver might have had the impression that the garbage truck had cut him off while he was driving. Constable Collins was able to identify the involved vehicle and its driver. He did not wish to speak about the incident. Constable Collins issued him a ticket for throwing out garbage.

On August 31, 2021 at 6:12 p.m., officers were sent to a business on Washington Street for a client report causing a disruption. The customer and 2 store workers were arguing when the agents arrived. Agents spoke to the parties involved and learned that there was a dispute over payment for the items and whether a previously purchased item that had been damaged could be returned. One of the store employees said during a fight for the merchandise, the customer buried her fingernails in her arms. There were red marks visible on his arm. The customer agreed to pay for one of the items and was informed that the dispute over the other damaged item was a civil matter. The client will be summoned to Dedham District Court for common assault and assault and battery.

On September 1, 2021 at 6:41 p.m., agents were dispatched to a Washington Street business for an unruly customer who refused to leave the premises. Upon arrival, officers spoke with company employees and the customer. The the customer first purchased a customer discount on Groupon for services while a returning customer. The salon told her she couldn’t use the Groupon. The client demanded that they reimburse her the money for the services, in which case they informed her that she had paid Groupon for the services and not for the salon. The client has received a verbal intrusion ban order from the employee and a pre-existing credit on her account with the salon will be refunded to her.

On September 2, 2021 at 4:25 p.m., officers were dispatched to a residence for a report of a water problem in the residence. The basement had been flooded and while he was there the officers and staff of the fire department found the house to be a mess and the gas should be turned off due to the water in the basement. The female part did not wish to leave the residence. A report was filed with the state’s Office of Seniors’ Affairs which advised the female part to be transported to hospital and find temporary accommodation for her once she is released from the hospital.

September 3, 2021 at 2:35 p.m. Officer Shore spricking with a female party regarding identity fraud. She said an unknown person used their personal information to open a credit card account in May 2020 and received a notice in the mail in August that the credit card account was overdue. She called the credit card company and told them she didn’t have an account with her. She had also reported the issue to the credit bureaus and requested that a watch be put on her accounts and that she challenge the charge. There are no suspects at the moment.

On September 3, 2021 at 10:30 p.m., Constable Dixon was sent to a residence on Dunedin Road for a past break and enter in the residence. It appears that someone forced entry through a basement window and opened several cabinets and drawers. The detectives responded to deal with the scene. The incident is under investigation.

At 11:34 p.m. on September 3, 2021, Constable Scopa addressed a male report regarding a PayPal account that had been hacked. He said that a person he met on social media had somehow hacked his Facebook account and replaced his account information with his own, then he believed the person was texting his contacts asking him to money. He said he also received an invoice for $ 28.99 from PayPal. Agent Harris advised her to inform her contacts that her account had been hacked and to block the account. The reporting party had previously notified PayPal of the fraudulent activity. He was advised to monitor his credit and to contact Agent Scopa if he noticed anything suspicious.

swellesley police announcement

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SERVICES | Best of Ventura County 2021 – VC Reporter https://waynesusedparts.com/services-best-of-ventura-county-2021-vc-reporter/ Thu, 16 Sep 2021 13:09:41 +0000 https://waynesusedparts.com/services-best-of-ventura-county-2021-vc-reporter/

Section art by Stéphanie Torres.

An accountant


Farber Hass Hurley, srl.
300 E. Esplanade Drive, # 1130, Oxnard
805-485-7194, www.fhhcpas.com


Billy A. Arnold CPA
801 avenue S. Victoria, # 1066, Ventura

Parkway Business Solutions
80 Wood Road, Suite 302, Camarillo
805-419-9197, parkway.business

Sierra Managed Accounting Services
2112 Eastman Avenue, Suite 101, Ventura
805-676-0098, sierramas.com

BEST OPTIONS FOR TENDING YOUR TREE | Local arborists A quick list of certified arborists in Ventura County: Hardin quality arborist Christina Dee Hardin, ISA Certified Arborist 2430 Burnham Road, Ojai 805-290-8704 www.hardin-quality-arborist.business.site | Mac Professional Tree Servicee Frank “Pete” Macarone, ISA Certified Arborist www.macstreeservices.com 805-649-2782 | Treeco inc. Edwin Slowik, ISA Certified Arborist 2100 Goodyear Ave., # 1, Ventura 805-652-0404 www.treecoventura.com | Arborist Ventura Mark Bruna, ISA Certified Arborist www.venturaarborist.com 805-653-0375 | West Coast arborists 11405 Nardo Street, Ventura 805-671-5092 www.westcoastarborists.com | When you think of important services in a community, things that quickly come to mind usually include vital services used by many people and businesses all the time – accounting, legal services, medical services, appliance repair and computers or veterinary services, etc. might even think of landscaping and gardening services, but not necessarily a very important specialty: an arborist, certified to take care of trees. Ventura County is home to an immeasurable number of trees, many species ranging from cultivated to voluntary, from commercial to purely decorative. But in the shadow of climate change, many are beginning to realize the extreme importance of trees. They provide shade and cool spaces, they provide oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from the air we breathe. Trees also provide mental health benefits. Drought and warming temperatures have stressed many tree species and fostered more disease. When our dogs and cats are sick, we call the vet promptly. Who do you call when your tree needs maintenance? An arborist. Arborists are experts in managing tree health with consideration of public safety (when large limbs fall, it is a danger), landscape maintenance (the roots and branches of trees that s escape can wreak havoc on sidewalks, patios, lawns and fences) and the sustainability of the health tree. Today, landowners as well as local governments and community organizations spend a lot of time and, in some cases, money, in planting and maintaining trees. Not all tree cutters are arborists. Only a certified professional arborist can properly assess a tree’s health and determine the size and care needed to foster and maintain the species for years to come. Some arborists also offer pruning services, while others will steer homeowners toward a trusted pruning service. Trees do so much for the community, and with the stress of drought, compacted sidewalk soil, overwatering or pests, trees need upkeep and care. Make sure you take good care of your tree by finding a local arborist to take a look. Many provide free initial assessments. To find more arborists in your area, visit: www.treesaregood.org/findanarborist. In the photo: a grove of oak trees in the Simi Valley.

Auto body shop


Tony’s Body Shop
497, rue Lambert, Oxnard
805-485-5514, tonysbodyshop.com


Avenue bodywork
378 avenue N. Ventura, Ventura

Bodytech collision repair
2920 Seaborg Ave., Ventura
805-644-4004, bodytechautobody.com

Car Designer / Car Wash


Five-point car wash
2912 Telegraph Road, Ventura
805-643-7715, www.5pointscarwash.com


Eight O Five retail store
2747 Sherwin Avenue, B-13, Ventura
805-746-9885, Eightofivedetailsshop.com

Waterdrops Express Car Wash
301 E. Daily Drive, Camarillo, 805-384-9798; 1811 E. Channel Islands Blvd., Oxnard, 805-385-0033; 3680 W. Fifth St., Oxnard, 805-834-3188; 1401 W. Gonzales Road, Oxnard, 805-278-2898



Las Posas Children’s Center
locations throughout the Ventura Unified School District
805-644-4344, www.lpcc.com


Small Preschool Tree
1690 E. Main St., Ventura
805-652-1609, www.littletreepreschool.com

The little Montessori scholars
6868 Capri Ave., Ventura
805-676-1488, www.littlescholarsmontessori.org

Daycare for dogs


Our dog kennel
2568 Canal Drive, #A, VENTURA
805-861-0012, doghouseventura.com


Send Rover on
1255 Callens Road, Suite E., Ventura, 805-650-3294; 310 Easy St., Suite D, Simi Valley, 805-650-3294

Laughing dog hostel
3362 Cajon Circle, Santa Rosa Valley
805-586-4390, www.laughingdoginn.com

Dog trainer


Genie Tuttle, Genie of the dog
2255 Pleasant Valley Road, Camarillo
805-479-8900, doggenie.com


Barb Pensky, Laughing Dog Inn
3362 Cajon Circle, Santa Rosa Valley
805-586-4390, www.laughingdoginn.com

Shannon Coyner, Ventura Pet Welfare and Dog Training Center
3521 Arundell Circle, #B, Ventura
805-620-7616, venturapetwellness.com

Financial institution


Ventura County Credit Union
6026 telephone street, Ventura; 687 W. Channel Islands Blvd., Port Hueneme; 2160 Rose Avenue, Oxnard; 711 Daily Drive, Suite 100, Camarillo; 18 W. Thousand Oaks Blvd., Thousand Oaks; 2680 Tapo Canyon Road, Simi Valley; 510 E. Los Angeles Ave., Moorpark
805-477-4000 or 805-339-0496; www.vccuonline.net


Montecito Bank & Trust
4730, telephone road, Ventura
805-963-7511, montecito.bank

Federal Navy Credit Union
Ventura County Naval Base
535 W. Channel Islands Blvd., Port Hueneme (and several ATMs in Ventura County)

888-842-6328, www.navyfederal.org

Insurance agent


Efrain Cazares, State Farm
4300 Tradewinds Dr., # 160, Oxnard


Jill Olivares, Allstate
370 N. Ventura Ave., Oak View

Greg Mauk, GEICO
1620, chemin E. Gonzales, Oxnard

Lawyer / Law firm


Bamieh & De Smeth
692, boulevard E. Thompson, Ventura
805-643-5555, www.bamiehdesmeth.com


Quirk Law Firm
877 S. Victoria Ave., Unit 111, Ventura
805-650-7778, www.quirklawyers.com

Beltran & Beltran Accident Lawyers
1000 Town Center Drive, # 300, Oxnard
805-650-2077, www.beltranlawfirm.com



Williams Automotive
6027, boulevard Ventura, Ventura
805-656-1026, www.sewilliamsautomotive.com


Neighborhood car maintenance
1838 E. Thompson Boulevard, Ventura
805-641-2302, quartiercarcare.com

ABC Auto Care
4745 Market St., Unit A, Ventura
805-644-1238, www.abcautocare.com

Moving company


Meat movers
1401 avenue Maulhardt, Oxnard
805-987-7201, www.meatheadmovers.com


Moving and storing PODS
301 avenue S. Rose, # 104, Oxnard
877-770-7637, www.pods.com

Hilford Moving and Storage
1595 avenue S. Arundell, Ventura
805-642-0221, www.hilfordmoving.com

Music teacher


Jodi Farrell, Jodi Farrell Music Studio
1926 E. Main St., Ventura
805-643-3103, jodifarrell.com


Phil Salazar, the violin shop of Phil Salazar
921 E. Main St., Ventura
805-701-2508, coursdeviolonavecphilsalazar.com

Noah Skultety, stage and arts player
2222, boulevard Ventura, Camarillo
805-702-4196, www.csparepertory.net

Non-profit organisation


Casa Pacifica centers for children and families
1722 S. Lewis Road, Camarillo
805-366-4040, www.casapacica.org


Ventura County Food Share
4156 Southbank Road, Oxnard
805-983-7100, foodshare.com

Boys & Girls Clubs
Across Ventura County, www.bgclubventura.org

Diversity Collective Ventura County
2471 Portola Road, Unit 100, Ventura
805-644-5428, www.diversitycollectivevc.org



Big brand tire and service
578 S. Dawson Drive, Camarillo, 805-383-3108; 1313 S. Oxnard Blvd., Oxnard, 805-487-7883; 3850 E. Main St., Ventura, 650-3290; 1304 Newbury Park Road, Thousand Oaks, 805-494-4200


Neighborhood car maintenance
1838 E. Thompson Boulevard, Unit B, Ventura
805-641-0873, quartiercarcare.com

Williams Automotive
6027, boulevard Ventura, Ventura
805-656-1026, www.sewilliamsautomotive.com

Pet groomer


Aloha dog grooming
1998 E. Main St., Ventura


Dee Dee’s dog spot
973 E. Front St., Ventura
805-648-7768, deedeesdogspot.net

Bark and Bath Pet Salon
2041 E. Main St., Ventura
805-643-0868, barkandbathepetsalon.com



Gallegos plumbing
1387 Callens Road, Ventura
805-750-1830, www.gallegosplumbing.com


Mike Kimble Plumbing
5770 Nicolle St., #E, Ventura
805-644-4180, www.kimbleplumbing.com

Franklin and Vizzo
2594 Canal Drive, Ventura
805-641-1997, www.franklinandvizzo.com

Real estate agent


Comden | Ridgeway | Barosso Group, Keller Williams West
2831 N. Ventura Road, Oxnard
805-351-3500, www.crbrealestate.com


Joe kapp
785 S. Seaward Ave., Ventura
805-648-9900, www.joekapprealestate.com

Jessica Judd, Keller Williams West
1690, boulevard Ventura, Camarillo; 109 N. Blanche St., Ojai; 2750 Park View Court, Suite 260, Oxnard; 1071 S. Seaward Ave., Ventura
805-760-1371, jessjudd.com

Retirement home


Cypress Place retirement home
1200 Cypress Place Lane, Ventura
805-666-1339, meridiansenior.com


Ventura Townhouse
4900 Telegraph Road, Ventura
805-642-3263, www.venturatownehouse.com

Pacifica retirement home
2211, chemin E. Gonzales, Oxnard
805-351-3580, www.pacificaseniorliving.com

Surfboard Shaper


Blinky Hubina, Ventura surf shop
88, boulevard E. Thompson, Ventura
805-643-1062, shopvss.com


Steve Walden, Walden’s Surfboards Inc.
853 E. Front St., Ventura
805-653-1717, www.waldensurfboards.com

Robert Weiner, Robert’s surfboards
1362 Place de la Tour, # 1, Ventura
805-658-6855, www.robertssurf.com



Ohana Animal Hospital
4547, telephone road, office A, Ventura
805-658-7387, www.ohanapethospital.com


The cat doctor
4587 telephone path, Ventura
805-656-2190, www.thecatdoctorventura.com

East Ventura Veterinary Hospital
10225 Telephone Road, Unit D, Ventura
805-647-8430, www.eastventuraanimalhospital.com

]]> ConMet eMobility Zero Emissions Trailer On The Road To Meet TRU Emissions Regulations https://waynesusedparts.com/conmet-emobility-zero-emissions-trailer-on-the-road-to-meet-tru-emissions-regulations/ Mon, 13 Sep 2021 12:38:00 +0000 https://waynesusedparts.com/conmet-emobility-zero-emissions-trailer-on-the-road-to-meet-tru-emissions-regulations/

VANCOUVER, Washington., September 13, 2021 / PRNewswire / – As the race to reduce emissions from transport refrigeration units (TRUs) poses a major hurdle for commercial fleets, a zero-emission electric trailer is now available from ConMet eMobility that eliminates emissions, reduces noise and reduces brake wear. .

Power behind the zero emission trailer comes from the Preset Plus from ConMet eMobility® Electric hub (eHub). An electric motor built into the wheel is paired with a ConMet PreSet Plus hub assembly, designed to capture wasted braking energy and reuse it for electricity. Electricity is stored in a high capacity lightweight battery that sits under the trailer, which then powers the electric refrigerator to keep a fully charged trailer cool without the need for diesel fuel. Energy can also power eHub engines for robust, decentralized propulsion of the vehicle, while allowing for quieter navigation on restrictive city routes.

The eHub debuted in 2019, but ConMet eMobility has continued to innovate the product since. The recently updated design has been streamlined for modularity, better mechanical fit, manufacturing scalability, and updated software controls. ConMet eMobility has invested in truck and trailer assets for on-road validation testing and data collection, and today ConMet eMobility’s zero-emission refrigerated trailer is on the road.

ConMet eMobility has identified TRUs for the first eHub app as the California Air Resource Board (CARB) nears adopting a new set of TRU emissions regulations by 2025, with more states expected to follow in the years to come.

“The eHub system is now the most efficient way to completely replace the need for internal combustion engines in transport refrigeration units,” said Marc Trahand, vice president and general manager of ConMet eMobility.

The advantages of the zero emission trailer are numerous:

  • Eliminates the need for diesel fuel for the TRU
  • Improves the overall fuel efficiency of the vehicle
  • Regenerative power eliminates the need for shore power
  • Reduces wear on friction brakes
  • Allows access to urban areas with limited emissions and noise
  • Can be combined with an electric tractor for a completely zero emission vehicle
  • Lightweight, modular packages allow customization to fit all types, lengths and sizes of vehicles
  • Removal of diesel engine, fuel and fuel tank allows for zero net weight addition

ConMet eMobility is already partnering for the commercialization of the eHub system to deliver zero emission packages nationwide. The company is also currently offering fleets the option to try out the eHub by contacting [email protected].

ConMet is exhibiting this week at the TMC Fall Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition. Stop by booth # 6057 to learn more about this revolutionary zero-emission technology.

About ConMet eMobility
ConMet eMobility was established in 2020 to meet the needs and challenges of clean energy technology. The growing team has years of experience in electrical engineering, system controls, battery science, and more. With ConMet’s unparalleled expertise and support, ConMet eMobility enables the development of zero-emission commercial vehicles, capturing and regenerating kinetic energy that would otherwise be wasted.

About ConMet
ConMet, a division of Amsted Industries, is a leading global supplier of wheel hubs, aluminum castings and structural plastics to original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket circuits in the vehicle industry. utilities. Founded in 1964, ConMet innovation has been essential in the design, engineering and manufacture of revolutionary technologies for trucks and trailers. Today, ConMet products are standard equipment on most heavy vehicles in North America and have a growing footprint around the world.

ConMet is committed to creating products and services that meet critical customer needs. Developing more efficient products, processes and technologies that transform the way customers use and maintain their vehicles is at the heart of ConMet’s vision.

Media contact
Tyler bryant
Interdependence Public Relations
(813) 951-4169
[email protected]


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Global Roller Shutter Doors Market 2021 https://waynesusedparts.com/global-roller-shutter-doors-market-2021/ Mon, 13 Sep 2021 12:37:51 +0000 https://waynesusedparts.com/global-roller-shutter-doors-market-2021/

Global Roller Shutters Market Overview, Regional Analysis, Market Share and Competitive Analysis

The Global Roller Shutters Market is focused on collecting major statistical evidence for the Roller Shutter industry as it offers our readers a valuable addition to guide them in meeting the hurdles surrounding the market. A comprehensive addition of several factors such as global distribution, manufacturers, market size, and market factors affecting the global contributions are reported in the study.

In addition the Roller shutter door The study also shifts its focus with an in-depth competitive landscape, defined growth opportunities, market share associated with product type and applications, key companies responsible for production and strategies used are also marked.

Get Free Sample Report + All Related Charts & Charts (With COVID 19 Impact Analysis): https://www.marketresearchstore.com/sample/roller-shutter-door-market-779585

Major focus of the Roller Shutters Market report are:

1. The influence of COVID-19 on the income streams of market players.
2. Statistics of total sales volume and total sales in the market.
3. Breaks in industry models.
4. Estimated growth rate of the roller shutter market.
5. Direct and indirect sales methods for the pros and cons.
6. Comprehensive information on major retailers, resellers and traders.

The competitive landscape of the market research includes a broader analysis on the regions including United States, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Spain, China, ” India, Southeast Asian countries, South Korea, Japan, Australia, GCC countries, Turkey, Brazil, Egypt, Mexico and South Africa which are expected to capture the essence of the market in its broadest category. In addition, the Roller Shutters market research also covers several factors such as market status, major market trends, growth forecast, and growth opportunities.

Cumulative impact of COVID-19:

This study presents insights into COVID-19 in consumer behavior and changes in demand, purchasing patterns, supply chain reorganization, dynamics of market forces, and substantial government involvement. The new research provides information, analysis, estimates and forecasts in view of the effect of COVID-19 on the markets.

Request a Pre and Post COVID-19 Business Impact Analysis: https://www.marketresearchstore.com/sample/roller-shutter-door-market-779585

Additionally, we analyze the challenges faced by the Roller Shutters market in terms of global and regional basis. The study also encompasses a number of emerging opportunities and trends which are taken into account by considering their impact on a global scale by gaining the majority of market share.

This report segments the market based on the following types:

Aluminum alloy shutter, Color steel shutter, Stainless steel shutter, Crystal shutter door, PVC shutter

On the basis of Application, the market is segmented into:

Stores and boutiques, Garage, Warehouse, Others

Key questions answered by the report:

• What is the growth potential of the global roller shutter market?
• In the projection period 2021-2026, which regional market will emerge as expected?
• Which application segment is growing at an accelerated rate?
• What are the growth prospects for the industry in the years to come?
• What are the most important future challenges for the global market?
• Who are the major companies in the global roller shutter market?
• What are the growth strategies envisaged on the global market by the players?

For Additional Reviewed List of Market Players in 2021, Request Sample Report: https://www.marketresearchstore.com/sample/roller-shutter-door-market-779585

The study encompasses a variety of analytical resources such as SWOT analysis and Porters Five Forces analysis coupled with primary and secondary research methodologies. It covers all the bases surrounding the Roller Shutters industry by exploring the competitive nature of the market with regional analysis.

Some of the major players operating in the global roller shutter market include Gliderol Garage Doors, Cookson, ASSA ABLOY, HORMANN, Lawrence, Xufeng Door, Sanwa, Roller Doors, Shutter Victech Industry, Superlift, Aluroll, Best Roll-Up Door, BandD Australia , alpine. The list covers the important players that govern the industry according to the overall production capacities of the system, environmental contributions, appropriate channels and territorial proximity through a system of primary and secondary research methodologies followed by an analytical model. internal. Further, the generated revenue and generalized market share for the Roller Shutter market are presented with the help of charts, graphs and tables.

Get More Info Before Buying @ https://www.marketresearchstore.com/inquiry/roller-shutter-door-market-779585

Why prefer us?

• Customized reports of accuracy and quality are offered according to customer requirements, using the latest market research tools and procedures to validate statistical data.

• Their team of seasoned and experienced analysts, who maintain excellent relationships with market experts, have exceptional knowledge and experience in terms of the latest market research techniques and approaches.

About Us

Market Research Store is a one stop destination for all types of industries, global and regional reports. We offer an extensive repository of the latest industry reports and market statistics published by reputable private publishers and public organizations. The Market Research Store is the comprehensive collection of market information products and services available. Our extensive reporting database enables our clients to benefit from expert information on global industries, products and market trends.

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Etienne L. Williams 1939-2021 | News, Sports, Jobs https://waynesusedparts.com/etienne-l-williams-1939-2021-news-sports-jobs/ Sun, 12 Sep 2021 04:03:01 +0000 https://waynesusedparts.com/etienne-l-williams-1939-2021-news-sports-jobs/ HUBBARD – Ethelene L. Williams, 82, died on Saturday, September 4, 2021 at Sharon Regional Medical Center.

Ethelene was born April 13, 1939 in Newton Falls, daughter of Harold and Helen Lawrence Sheldon. She graduated in 1957 from Newton Falls High School.

Ethelene was an administrative assistant for Pete Ashby Appliance Repair and then worked for the American Cancer Society in Sharon, Pennsylvania.

She was a member of the Victory Christian Center Vienna Campus, where she taught many classes and touched the lives of many young girls as a Missionettes / Girls Ministry godmother, and was a member of the Happy Wanderers senior group of Corner House Christian Church of Hubbard.

She loved Jesus with all her heart and her desire was for her whole family to one day be in Heaven with her. He had precious time left on earth, but had to make sure that the love of his life knew how important it was to him to be sure to join her someday. She looked him in the eye and asked him to be sure that one day he would join her in Heaven.

Her greatest joy in life was spending time with her family, supporting all of the children and grandchildren in everything they do. She also loved to travel, flowers, cats, feed and bird watch.

She will be remembered and sadly missed by her family: her husband, James H. Williams, whom she married on June 24, 1960; her children, Debra Myla (Alan) Morris of Hayes, Virginia, James Douglas (Anita) Williams of Bristolville, Lora Lynette (John) Bancroft of Hubbard and Sharlene Louise (Victor) Yarger of Tellico Plains, Tenn .; her grandchildren, Megan and Mike Peteler, Kayla and Michael Buckner, Neil Yarger, Amanda and Dan Parson, Angela and Andrew Macala, Rachel and Joe Waltemire, Aaron and Lauren Williams, Jewelya Williams, Andrea Williams, Natalie Bancroft and Zoe Williams; and great-grandchildren, Leif, Ada, Kolton, Mikki, Lexi and Charlotte. She also leaves behind her brother, Raymond R. Sheldon Sr. of Hubbard.

Besides her parents, she was predeceased by her brothers, James Sheldon and Leonard Sheldon.

His homecoming celebration took place on Tuesday, September 7, 2021 at the Victory Christian Center Vienna Campus. The services have been released to protect everyone during this pandemic.

Memorial contributions can be made at the Victory Christian Center, 5000 Warren Sharon Road, Vienna, OH 44473.

Funeral arrangements are in the care of Stewart-Kyle Funeral Home. Family and friends are invited to visit the funeral home’s website at www.stewart-kyle.com to share their memories and condolences.

(special notice)

Hull’s ‘grimebuster’ white van man cleans vandalized city streets https://waynesusedparts.com/hulls-grimebuster-white-van-man-cleans-vandalized-city-streets/ Sun, 12 Sep 2021 04:00:00 +0000 https://waynesusedparts.com/hulls-grimebuster-white-van-man-cleans-vandalized-city-streets/

A graffiti and grime cleaner for businesses in Hull that has already removed a tag from the top of Debenhams is ready for an equipment upgrade with new funding.

Martin Foster, HullBID’s cleaning and maintenance agent, starts his job at 7 a.m. removing tags from private properties smeared the night before and jetting dirt from outside businesses.

For the latest news from downtown Hull, click here.

HullBID Executive Director Kathryn Shillito said it will now get a new, larger, greener van and replacement jet washer with funding from Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Jonathan Evison.

The funding comes after Mr. Evison agreed to support HullBID ahead of its member firm renewal ballot which ends at 5 p.m. on Thursday, September 23.

BID members asking Mr. Foster to be sent to remove graffiti, wash sidewalks and do other chores are covered by their royalty payments.

Get the latest news in Hull and East Yorkshire by sign up for updates here.

Ms Shillito said the future of Mr Foster’s services would be in doubt if HullBID’s 840 member companies voted against its renewal. She added that Mr. Foster’s work went a long way in preventing graffiti on private property and helping Hull City Council street cleaning crews.

The general manager said: “It was really easy to see that there was a lot of graffiti in Hull, it was the bane of the city.

“The council cleans graffiti from its buildings but not private property and businesses, the authority provides street cleaning services but we are improving that with Martin.

“Martin is a fairly low-key man but a hard worker, he can usually get a job done within 24 hours of calling a company.

Find local issues reported in your area

“He works alone and has no support, he’s just a man and his van.

“He’s had to remove thousands and thousands of labels over the years.

“Most of what he cleans up are nuisance labels where people just spray on something random like signing their name.

Look to see previous examples of East Yorkshire graffiti:

Video upload

Video unavailable

“Some of them can be very difficult to remove, I don’t know what the taggers are hoping to achieve.

“Martin starts at 7 am, he usually goes to places he knows to be bad for graffiti first to check them out, or he may have already been given a job.

“It removes graffiti in alleys and alleys leading to businesses before they open.

Martin Foster Removed ‘Thousands And Thousands’ Of Graffiti Tags In Hull, Says HullBID Executive Director

“Sometimes he spots him earlier than the companies, he’s already gone when they arrive, so he leaves them a card to let them know he’s gone.

“He also picked up hypodermic needles left in business doors by sleepers on the street.”

Ms Shillito said Mr Foster’s job saw him cleaning up graffiti in hard-to-reach places, even scaling the old Debenhams building on Prospect Street in one case.

“As you can imagine, those who work in companies don’t want to come in and be greeted with trash or a mess.

“One place that gets a lot of graffiti is the underpass that leads to The Deep.

“There is work going on there right now, but taggers tend to target hidden areas like that and they can climb in difficult places as well.

Mr Foster once climbed to the top of the old Debenhams in Prospect Street to remove the graffiti

“Martin is very brave when it comes to going to these places, about five or six years ago he went up to the roof of Debenhams to clean up graffiti from the top of the building.

“He was safe but it made me a little uncomfortable, I was so worried I told him not to do something like this again.

“He lends his hand to all kinds of things, when the bars and cafes with outdoor terraces in places like Humber Street after the lockdown was lifted, Martin was spraying the sidewalks.

“Another time, the Double Tree Hilton wanted the outside sidewalk to be remodeled because there were VIPs, so he went to do it for them.

“If businesses were to sort this out on their own, there would be the cost of renting the equipment, time and other factors involved, but they can just call HullBID and we’ll do it for them.

“It also helps get booths and other things that we loan out to businesses for events.

“If Martin or HullBID didn’t do these cleanups, we would see a re-emergence of graffiti in downtown Hull.

Butler Whites in Humber Street
Mr Foster jet washed the sidewalks outside the Humber Street sites to reopen after the lockdown

“It would affect Hull’s economy, investors would come in here and see that it looks messy.

“People may look around now and think Hull doesn’t have a graffiti problem, but a big part of the reason is Martin.

“HullBID works closely with City Council because we all want the same thing, to make Hull the best possible city.”

]]> Arizona Garage Door Guru Announces Full Service Garage Door Installation in Arizona https://waynesusedparts.com/arizona-garage-door-guru-announces-full-service-garage-door-installation-in-arizona/ Sat, 11 Sep 2021 14:03:00 +0000 https://waynesusedparts.com/arizona-garage-door-guru-announces-full-service-garage-door-installation-in-arizona/

Expert Garage Door Repair in Phoenix

Call the guru and be ready!

Call the guru and be ready!

Expert garage door replacement

Expert garage door replacement

AZ Guru, an accredited garage door service provider, announces a wide range of installation services.

PEORIA, ARIZONA, USA, September 11, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – • AZ Guru provides low cost garage door installation services.
• The company provides emergency garage door installation services in Arizona.
• They are highly qualified and have over 20 years of service delivery experience.

Sep 11, 2021 Peoria, AZ 85381

Arizona Garage Door Guru, a premier garage door repair company in Arizona, now advertises full installation service.

The accredited garage door installation company with deep roots in Peoria, Arizona, offering a wide range of options for garage door installation. Customers have the option of choosing from a variety of garage door style combinations.

After that, the AZ Guru team usually decides on the best option based on available space and budget.

For years, AZ Guru customers have obtained garage door and parts repairs and maintenance, including door openers, springs, cables and other components. The experienced members of the AZ Guru team understand the process of finding the right balance between price, appearance and durability.

“Looking for the best garage door company in Arizona to install your garage door? We’re the # 1 garage door installation service company in Phoenix. We install industrial and commercial roller shutters, dock doors and all commercial countershaft openers on the same day and at a reasonable cost. When it comes to your business, you don’t want to face garage door issues. We understand and have helped thousands of Phoenix businesses over the years, “says James Lanham, Founder and Owner of Arizona Garage Door Guru & Position Punisher LLC,” Our reputation speaks for itself, and we also have business maintenance procedures that help stop emergencies. where your business can be shut down until things are settled.

AZ Guru was founded in 2017.

Customers have received trustworthy service in the region as it is a five-star, Google-certified, secure, and bonded company.

Residential customers who experience issues such as broken transmitters, misaligned photocells, misaligned rail, door obstruction, broken springs, improperly set limit settings, accidentally activated disconnect switch, manual locks , broken tension springs and broken cables, will also get these services in addition to AZ Guru installation services.

Company members have made sure to stay up to date on the latest products available using world-class installation solutions and high-end technologies. Every AZ Guru garage door has a safety and protection function.

Customers also benefit from emergency garage door services to meet a variety of AZ Guru needs. Some of these issues include off-road garage doors, repairing garage door sensors, broken hinges, damaged garage doors, repairing dented panels, broken springs, and garage door openers, among others. . Customers will get the solution to all these problems from here.

They perform a 24-point inspection before installation.

These are included – control panel, remotes, keyless entry, cart and boom, laser safety test, gear and motor, doorbell, safety reverse doors, door balance, spring, door rollers, cables , warning labels, drums, center bearing, backing plates, manual release, laser eye locations, shaft, hinges, rails, hinge arms, strut and brace bar, anchor spring, gaskets sealing and condition of the panel.

This means that customers will also receive a 24-point inspection before installation service from the company.

People from different cities in Arizona will benefit from AZ Guru garage door installation services. They mainly supply Anthem, Avondale, Buckeye, Carefree, Cave Creek, Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale, Goodyear, Paradise Valley, Mesa, Peoria, Phoenix, Scottsdale and Sun City.

Arizona Garage Door Guru has earned an excellent reputation among local customers for adhering to these fundamental ideals. The good Google reviews that AZguru receives daily attest to its excellent service.

For example, Oscar Morales said, “Garage door guru James was great, walked in, diagnosed and determined it was time to replace the old opener. He went out and bought a new opener and installed it in less than an hour. fast and efficient was there to see it all done and I’m glad I picked the garage door guru. “

About the company

AZ Guru is a popular Arizona garage door installation service. The company is one of the most popular garage door installation and repair companies in Arizona, and has been providing garage door installation and maintenance services since 2004.

James Lanham is the founder of AZ Garage Door Guru.

The company is one of the leading providers of affordable emergency installation and replacement services for those with garage door issues. AZ Guru team members have over 20 years of experience in door spring installation, opener installation, door replacement, door cable installation, installation signs and other services.

With over 11,100 clients. To satisfy their customers, they also provide high quality installations and maintenance.

For more information visit – https://azguru.today

Contact AZ Guru at the following address for more information:

Company: Arizona Garage Door Repair Guru
Contact Name: James Lanham
Address: 7558 W Thunderbird Rd Ste 625, Peoria, AZ 85381
Email: AZGarageDoorGuru@Gmail.com
Telephone: (602) 540-9893
Website: https://azguru.today/contact-the-guru/

James lanham
Arizona Garage Door Guru
+1 602-540-9893
write us here
Visit us on social networks:

Expert Garage Door Repair in Phoenix

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Bonney Plumbing, Electrical, Heating and Air Announces the Acquisition of Big Air Heating & Air Conditioning | Business https://waynesusedparts.com/bonney-plumbing-electrical-heating-and-air-announces-the-acquisition-of-big-air-heating-air-conditioning-business/ Fri, 10 Sep 2021 21:34:16 +0000 https://waynesusedparts.com/bonney-plumbing-electrical-heating-and-air-announces-the-acquisition-of-big-air-heating-air-conditioning-business/

SACRAMENTO, Calif .– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Sep 10, 2021–

Bonney Plumbing, Electrical, Heating and Air (Bonney), a home services company based in Rancho Cordova, Calif., Announced the acquisition of award-winning HVAC company, Big Air Heating & Air Conditioning (Big Air), based in in Concord, California. . As part of this partnership, Bonney will support Big Air and its team as they continue to operate locally under their brand.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210910005559/en/

Bonney’s main offices in Rancho Cordova (Photo: Business Wire)

The partnership with Big Air extends Bonney’s territory currently covering eight counties in and around the Greater Sacramento area to Contra Costa County in the Bay Area.

“The East Bay of San Francisco has been a major expansion area for Bonney,” Jeremy Macdonald, President and CEO of Bonney. “When we met the Big Air team, we immediately knew there was a good fit given the brand they’ve built as well as the shared values ​​of focusing on people and delivering great customer service.”

Bonney was established in 1978 by Mark and Candace Bonney and has become a household name in the Greater Sacramento area. Over the past 40 years, Bonney has grown from a family business to the current operation of over 120 service vehicles and employs over 200 team members.

“As Big Air enters its next chapter of growth, we couldn’t be more excited to find Bonney as a partner,” said Mike Santa Maria, founder of Big Air. “In addition to the additional resources and capital that Bonney brings to the table to fuel growth, their values ​​and culture align with what we have built at Big Air over the past 20 years.”

Bonney plans to invest in several founder-owned companies over the next two years to build a regional leader in home services. M&A Business Advisors, Silicon Valley acted as sales advisor to Big Air.

About Bonney

Bonney is a leading Sacramento-based plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning company serving customers in Solano, Yolo, El Dorado, Sacramento, Placer and San Joaquin counties. Founded in 1978, Bonney is focused on creating true value for its customers through a unique combination of skilled workforce, service performance and responsive support.

For more information and to stay up to date, visit Bonney.com and connect on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

About Big Air Heating and Cooling

Founded in 2001 by Mike and Jennifer Santa Maria, Big Air offers a full line of HVAC repair and installation services to customers in the East Bay. Big Air has been a fixture in the Contra Costa community and has been recognized in the East Bay Times “Best in the Bay” for HVAC services every year since 2016.

See the source version on businesswire.com: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210910005559/en/

CONTACT: Commercial information:

Matt Picciano


Media inquiries:

Lilly Cortés – Wyatt





SOURCE: Bonney Plumbing, Electricity, Heating and Air

Copyright Business Wire 2021.

PUB: 10/09/2021 17:34 / DISC: 10/09/2021 17:34


Copyright Business Wire 2021.

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How open source software could revamp the aging power grid https://waynesusedparts.com/how-open-source-software-could-revamp-the-aging-power-grid/ Thu, 09 Sep 2021 09:38:35 +0000 https://waynesusedparts.com/how-open-source-software-could-revamp-the-aging-power-grid/

The Biden administration is pushing to energize the United States’ shift from fossil fuels to cleaner energy as part of its massive infrastructure upgrade and fight against climate change.

Modernizing America’s aging electricity grid must be part of that push – and new ideas, investments and innovations must be part of the plan.

To date, the United States has more than 10,000 power plants, more than 642,000 miles of high voltage transmission lines and an additional 6.3 million miles of distribution lines.

This robust network has helped fuel massive economic growth in the United States. But we live on borrowed time.

Most of America’s electricity transmission system was built in the 1950s and 1960s and was expected to last 50 years, writes the Government Accountability Office. In total, it is estimated that 70 percent of transmission lines and power transformers in the power grid are at least 25 years old, and the average age of power plants is at least 30 years.

Upgrading such a large hardware system with new hardware is not a viable solution. Instead, the energy sector should follow the lead of the telecommunications sector, which is rapidly moving from a hardware-defined infrastructure to a software-defined infrastructure.

From hardware to software

In telecoms, the rise of smartphones has led to an unprecedented increase in network traffic. New streaming services have taken off. New games have climbed to the top of the bestseller charts and video calls have skyrocketed. For AT&T alone, data traffic on its wireless network increased by more than 470,000% between 2007 and 2019.

“The old network model of sending technicians in trucks with cases of network equipment just couldn’t keep up. So we turned our network into software,” the AT&T blog says. Just as consumer gadgets have turned into applications, “AT & T’s network equipment turns into applications” – both are software that runs on servers.

In the energy sector, rather than sending trucks of machinery to individual power plants, upgrades would be via software, instantly across large geographic areas.

In the energy sector, rather than sending trucks of machinery to individual power plants, upgrades would be done via software, instantly across large geographic areas. Software-defined energy systems would allow utilities to take a much more agile approach compared to traditional proprietary solutions, and they could bring new functions and services to market quickly and efficiently. High data processing would allow smarter responses to weather changes and their impact on transmission loads.

Open source and open standards

However, for a software-defined infrastructure to be deployed optimally, utilities need software built with open standards to enable interoperability and reduce the time it takes for new technologies to integrate into the infrastructure. existing.

Open source software will play a big role, as it did in telecommunications.

Instead of specifying how to build a product, open source software provides a foundation that anyone can build on – and a platform that any business can integrate their products with.

AT&T is a big supporter of open source. He contributes millions of lines of code to the open source community every year. (One million lines of printed code equals roughly 18,000 pages of text.) He also contributes and co-leads open source networking and cloud projects. In addition, it released open source software to accelerate innovation in big data and artificial intelligence.

“Open source has helped us achieve economies of scale, ensure interoperability and accelerate progress through open collaboration,” says AT&T.

One of AT & T’s major open source projects, the Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP), has generated $ 576 million in development shared by 2,500 developers. The project was hosted by the open source-based Linux Foundation, which provided a vendor-independent home for developers to collaborate on a common architecture for a platform to orchestrate and automate physical network elements. and virtual.

ONAP is a perfect example of open source making it possible to innovate faster than if each entity were to pursue something on their own.

Today, open source LF Energy serves as a home for further open source development of energy innovation. A LF Energy project, SEAPATH, is developing a benchmark design for a future grid automation platform to allow greater flexibility and ability to manage distributed energy sources.

The energy industry lags behind open source

To date, the energy industry has lagged behind others in the use and creation of open source software.

Utilities generally do not share information with each other or collaborate on projects, although the problems each face are very similar: high demand; fluctuating demand; desire for more green energy; and maintenance issues.

But the old ways of working won’t get us where the Biden administration – and many others – want us to go. The list of challenges facing the world, the United States and our future continues to grow when it comes to energy.

Climate change is expected to affect all aspects of the electricity grid, generation, transmission and distribution on demand. More frequent droughts and changing rainfall patterns can decrease hydropower in some areas, and increased forest fires can damage transmission lines.

Not only is our energy infrastructure old, but investments are behind schedule. Only $ 2 billion of the $ 14 billion in investments requested in network modernization was approved in 2018, writes McKinsey, revealing the “disconnect between what utilities offer and what regulators deem appropriate.” .

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