Diverse Cleaning Company, a successful national family-owned deep cleaning company based in Portsmouth, celebrates 25 years

Diverse Cleaning Company, based at the Portsmouth Enterprise Center, Quartremaine Road, Copnor, was founded by Ian Skinner.

Ian was inspired to start his own business after working in restaurants and kitchens after leaving the Royal Navy.

The company, which now employs Ian’s son, also known as Ian and Ian’s grandson, Jack McGlauchlin, has survived over the decades thanks to an emphasis on customer service and family values. .

Ian Skinner - Diverse cleaning company.  Photo: Mike Cooter (200721)
Ian Skinner – Diverse cleaning company. Photo: Mike Cooter (200721)

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Ian, from Lancashire, said: “It was put together from a point of desperation. Having worked for several large organizations, I didn’t like the way they worked. I didn’t like to deal with company politics or the way they treated their staff and the way they treated their clients, so we thought we could do better, that we could certainly do it differently and be successful.

The company offers a wide range of professional cleaning services nationwide, primarily for restaurants, hotels, schools, colleges and stores, and has a number of large contracts on its books, working for catering companies that supply Blenheim Palace, Crystal Palace, the Gherkin, St Paul’s Cathedral and many more.

Closer to home, the company has long standing contracts with institutions such as Portsmouth Grammar School and Portsmouth Guildhall.

The company is just having one of its best years to date, despite the pandemic, thanks to its ability to quickly pivot and target new customers.

Ian said: “One of the weaknesses in our business that we discovered during the pandemic was our reliance on the hospitality industry. Based on our experience, we adapted very quickly and started targeting other markets that were doing well during the pandemic, such as manufacturing.

“And during the pandemic, we actually landed our business on a clean site like we’ve never done.”

Although he has no immediate plans to step down from the gas, grandfather of seven Ian, 63, has said he hopes he can pass the business on to his son Ian. , 40, and his wife Gemma, when he finally does. withdraw.

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