Disney + uses digital fur technology to censor nudity

Being told to stay home gives us all ample opportunity to stream new and old content, but some of that old content is being censored, at least on Disney +.

As Verge’s reports, one of the movies that Disney + is currently streaming is the 1984 classic Splash with Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah. Hanks finds a mermaid who saved his life as a child and quickly falls in love with her. The film includes a memorable scene where Hannah kisses Hanks on a beach before walking into the sea. She is not wearing any clothes in the scene and you see her briefly naked behind as she dives into the water. However, on Disney +, the scene has been digitally altered.

Disney decided that a bare ass was not acceptable on Disney +, so digital fur technology was used to add extra long hair to Hannah in this scene. The end result looks terrible in my opinion, and you can see how bad it is thanks to Allison Pregler, who tweeted the Disney + version of the stage for everyone to judge for themselves. A tweet from JRFB includes original version in comparison.

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Why did Disney do this? When Splash was originally released, it received a PG rating because PG-13 did not exist. On Disney + in its original form, the movie’s rating is PG-13, but with the bare butt tucked behind the hair, Disney can revert to the PG rating, opening it up to a wider audience.

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