D&G makes household appliance destocking more ethical

D + G is joining forces with the Reuse charity to facilitate the donation of their used household appliances.

49% of consumers prefer to buy new household appliances

A recent survey from Domestic and General found that nearly 50% of consumers (49%) would still prefer to buy new appliances when they move. From this data, Domestic and General partnered with the Reuse Network to make it easier for consumers to have a positive impact on the environment by donating and recycling their old household appliances using this tool.

57% of people are more willing to donate household appliances through charity

D + G is teaming up with this charity after it was revealed that over 50% of people (57%) would be more willing to donate their old appliances if they knew they could go through a charity. charity.

The survey found that when it comes to disposing of old devices, 58% of people said they are interested in freecycling (which involves giving, recycling or exchanging an item) because of the environmental benefits. . In addition, 37% think freecycling makes good financial sense, saving you money when you need devices or assistive goods. When given a choice, 22% have already recycled an old self-service device, and 51% would but have not yet done so.

More people commit to sustainability goals

These figures are not, however, isolated. A Deloitte survey confirms that attitudes towards sustainable living have changed, with more people committing to achieving sustainable goals. The survey found that 61% of people have limited their use of single-use plastic in the past 12 months and 30% have chosen brands because of their ethical practices and values.

The survey suggests that a lack of clarity is what keeps more people from reaching their sustainable goals. 28% of people responded to Domestic & General’s survey indicating that they are reluctant to donate household appliances just because they don’t know how, and 17% of people cannot pick up their item for donation , or charities in their area do not fundraise.

Partnership with the reuse network

The Reuse Network Charity works with partner members from across the UK who are helping reduce poverty, reduce waste and tackle climate change. In 2020, the reuse sector prevented 111,664 tonnes of products from going to landfill, helping 1.5 million households to be helped across the UK.

While there is still a reluctance to buy a pre-liked device with 74% of people saying they would be concerned about the quality of the goods they would receive, 54% of people would be happier to inherit one. well recycled once they knew they could protect it with a D&G policy.

Domestic & General are happy to share that they are now a Friend of Reuse Network, a network of charities that reuse and repair donated home appliances and deliver them to people in need, usually at affordable prices or through social fund programs. By working together, they hope to have a significant impact on the environment and people’s lives.

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