ConMet eMobility Zero Emissions Trailer On The Road To Meet TRU Emissions Regulations

VANCOUVER, Washington., September 13, 2021 / PRNewswire / – As the race to reduce emissions from transport refrigeration units (TRUs) poses a major hurdle for commercial fleets, a zero-emission electric trailer is now available from ConMet eMobility that eliminates emissions, reduces noise and reduces brake wear. .

Power behind the zero emission trailer comes from the Preset Plus from ConMet eMobility® Electric hub (eHub). An electric motor built into the wheel is paired with a ConMet PreSet Plus hub assembly, designed to capture wasted braking energy and reuse it for electricity. Electricity is stored in a high capacity lightweight battery that sits under the trailer, which then powers the electric refrigerator to keep a fully charged trailer cool without the need for diesel fuel. Energy can also power eHub engines for robust, decentralized propulsion of the vehicle, while allowing for quieter navigation on restrictive city routes.

The eHub debuted in 2019, but ConMet eMobility has continued to innovate the product since. The recently updated design has been streamlined for modularity, better mechanical fit, manufacturing scalability, and updated software controls. ConMet eMobility has invested in truck and trailer assets for on-road validation testing and data collection, and today ConMet eMobility’s zero-emission refrigerated trailer is on the road.

ConMet eMobility has identified TRUs for the first eHub app as the California Air Resource Board (CARB) nears adopting a new set of TRU emissions regulations by 2025, with more states expected to follow in the years to come.

“The eHub system is now the most efficient way to completely replace the need for internal combustion engines in transport refrigeration units,” said Marc Trahand, vice president and general manager of ConMet eMobility.

The advantages of the zero emission trailer are numerous:

  • Eliminates the need for diesel fuel for the TRU
  • Improves the overall fuel efficiency of the vehicle
  • Regenerative power eliminates the need for shore power
  • Reduces wear on friction brakes
  • Allows access to urban areas with limited emissions and noise
  • Can be combined with an electric tractor for a completely zero emission vehicle
  • Lightweight, modular packages allow customization to fit all types, lengths and sizes of vehicles
  • Removal of diesel engine, fuel and fuel tank allows for zero net weight addition

ConMet eMobility is already partnering for the commercialization of the eHub system to deliver zero emission packages nationwide. The company is also currently offering fleets the option to try out the eHub by contacting [email protected].

ConMet is exhibiting this week at the TMC Fall Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition. Stop by booth # 6057 to learn more about this revolutionary zero-emission technology.

About ConMet eMobility
ConMet eMobility was established in 2020 to meet the needs and challenges of clean energy technology. The growing team has years of experience in electrical engineering, system controls, battery science, and more. With ConMet’s unparalleled expertise and support, ConMet eMobility enables the development of zero-emission commercial vehicles, capturing and regenerating kinetic energy that would otherwise be wasted.

About ConMet
ConMet, a division of Amsted Industries, is a leading global supplier of wheel hubs, aluminum castings and structural plastics to original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket circuits in the vehicle industry. utilities. Founded in 1964, ConMet innovation has been essential in the design, engineering and manufacture of revolutionary technologies for trucks and trailers. Today, ConMet products are standard equipment on most heavy vehicles in North America and have a growing footprint around the world.

ConMet is committed to creating products and services that meet critical customer needs. Developing more efficient products, processes and technologies that transform the way customers use and maintain their vehicles is at the heart of ConMet’s vision.

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