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JapanCupid Review: Trustworthy Dating Website Or Even The Flop Show?

JapanCupid is one of Cupid Media’s niche online dating services. Japan Cupid tends to help Japanese singles meet online. We destroyed this Japanese dating site and found some shocking statistics about them.

First, Japancupid is not just for Japanese singles. If you like Japanese men and women, it is possible to take advantage of this dating site and try your fortune. Whether you are in Japan or overseas, Japancupid works as a connection to connect international people fulfilling Japanese men and women.

It gets the recognition and branding without too much sweat since it is a child product of a giant cupid dating. Having said that, is Japancupid a legitimate platform to satisfy Japanese singles or not?

Follow my updated Japancupid review to find some interesting facts and figures and get the answers as to whether we can trust this Japanese dating site or not.

JapanCupid Research and Overview:

The website itself mentions that it has received over a million new users. This is something we don’t often see in countries like Japan.

Also, the dating trends are really quite different in Japan compared to other European countries.

A big sigh of relief at seeing non-Japanese users is found on the dating website. Cupid Media is a popular sort of business that has over 30 niche dating sites under its gear.

Then you are probably wrong if you have heard that Japan Cupid is a free Japanese dating site. Cupid’s site in Japan that comes out with a freemium platform. In other words, signing up is free but not the best feature.

It might sound crazy, but it’s true, over 100,000 people have registered through the United States of America on Cupid’s Japanese site. Plus, it tells us how much Americans love to date Japanese girls.

Characteristics of Cupid from Japan:

When I mentioned it earlier today, registration is free and anyone over the age of 18 can register following the instructions. Here you will find the items you will need to include to generate a free account in Japanese Cupid,

  • Username, password, email, gender, age, country and city.
  • Confirm your account by following the actions of the email that was delivered to you. After the actual registration, you can go to the main menu to view Japanese men and women.

    Directly, we are able to display a large amount of Japanese men pages and less Japanese women pages. As an example, the ratio is 5: 1 and only male users. This is a drawback from the start for non-Japanese people who would like to find girls for an evening together.

    Every day on average, 5000 members come to connect to the Japan Cupid dating site. It is much less to their requirements. This is what happens if you find instability in the ratio of dating users.

    This Japanese dating site has a lot of inactive users!

    Japanese Cupid users

    We think it’s quite a contrast to see members in their 30s dating a lot more than young adults. The desire to find a Japanese girl is still there, but that simple.

    During the same period, most Japanese Women’s Pages are not active for more than 12 months. Anyone who is online as a woman never responds to virtually any of our communications. It is true that Japan Cupidon even offers fake and spammy users.

    Online dating sites seem to be facing this nagging problem regardless of the size of the organization. I might not mean to lie, often I like the most useful adult cam sites for flirting with Asian girls, so it works like a charm.

    Cupid membership plans in Japan:

    go out together

    This niche dating site follows a rate model comparable to many other Cupid online dating sites. Nothing is Fruitful can help you by having a free individual account. Therefore, if you are considering upgrading to a reasonably limited account, come see us.

    He got two account awards, first, membership which is gold, second, platinum membership.

    Gold subscriptions

  • 29.98 $ †“1 thirty days
  • $ 59.99 †“3 months ($ 20 month is per
  • $ 119.98 †“one year ($ 10 each month)
  • Platinum Account Plans

  • Month 34.99 $ †“1
  • $ 69.98 †“3 months ($ 23.33 month is per
  • $ 149.99 †“one year ($ 12.50 each month)
  • The rates are 100% above average and never successful. This is the reason why I prefer to apply this site these days to Cupid’s companies.

    Benefits of Premium Membership

  • Send communications to all or some of the registered members
  • Instant messaging choice
  • Be anonymous habbo dating group and spy on other pages without being noticed
  • Better profile ranking in front of other people
  • VIP badge
  • Advanced search
  • It doesn’t make any difference to the exact number of features they offer to premium users. End to whether the website helps you find a real Japanese bachelor or not, the answer is not a day. This dating site will not help you get a Japanese girlfriend.

    Websites like JapanCupid:

    I used to decide to try my luck on other Asian online dating sites such as AsiaFriendFinder & AsianDating (review in links) when the answers might not be inviting too.

    The home page of the Japanese cupid dating website looks typical.

    How many exactly are looking for a night out with Japanese girls? We keep asking the question who is the same Cupid person, and some openly say they want to hook up with the Japanez girls.

    The truth is you are knocking on the wrong door. Look for webcam websites like for example LiveJasmin & Streamate (check website link). Both websites have breathtaking Japanese cam girls waiting to be hooked up online.

    The key news for non-Japanese users is that the cam sites actually have English-speaking Japanese models. Hence, it is really much nicer compared to dating apps.

    Summary of Japancupid reviews:

    The intention is to search for Japanese singles by now, but it seems many of them have lost it. Yes, there is definitely Japan Cupid software available. However, this did not allow the individual to find genuine members.

    Nonetheless, the dating app is worse than a site. This has a lot of noise, plus the loading speed is just not as important as Cupid’s requirements.

    Men are irritating and women are inactive, and active people are false. Therefore, the calculation is done by you. This has been a ridiculous Japancupid experience.

    Cupid site in Japan which releases a flop show for all. “Jason Lee.

    Overall, it’s a bummer, and the search for effective Japanese relationship apps is alive and well nonetheless.

    Find out how other hookup sites in Asia as well as other parts of the world are doing right now. Importantly, Japancupid is not a trustworthy platform because of the users.

    Nick Diaz’s return to UFC “looks promising” https://waynesusedparts.com/nick-diazs-return-to-ufc-looks-promising/ Tue, 08 Jun 2021 13:32:18 +0000 https://waynesusedparts.com/nick-diazs-return-to-ufc-looks-promising/

    Usually opposed to talking about Nick Diaz’s return to action, UFC President Dana White has changed his mind on the matter.

    Following a recent conversation with Diaz (26-9 MMA, 7-6 UFC) in Jacksonville, Fla., It looks like the former Strikeforce champ is aiming to make a return to the cage at some point in 2021. .

    “I wasn’t very high on it. I didn’t think it would happen, but it looks like it will, ”White told Farah Hannoun in an interview with UFC Arabia.

    For what it’s worth, White’s response contrasts sharply with his usual responses when Diaz is high.

    “You never hear me say that, ever,” White joked. “You say, ‘Do you think Nick Diaz will fight this year?’ and ‘Absolutely, absolutely not’ is what I usually say. “

    After meeting him, White openly questioned Diaz’s desire to continue fighting. Over the past few months, Diaz has been seen training alongside heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury, and his presence at UFC 261 has started the rumor again. Diaz added fuel to the fire by posting a cryptic tweet that blew the imagination.

    Diaz, 37, hasn’t competed since he faced Anderson Silva at UFC 183 on Jan.31, 2015, but that hasn’t stopped fans from hoping a rumor of a comeback will come true. This time, according to White, it feels more real than ever.

    “The matchmakers have (spoke to Diaz) and I don’t know where we’re at, but it looks promising,” White said.

    The conversation with Nick Diaz was good, “I just don’t know” https://waynesusedparts.com/the-conversation-with-nick-diaz-was-good-i-just-dont-know/ Tue, 11 May 2021 07:00:00 +0000 https://waynesusedparts.com/the-conversation-with-nick-diaz-was-good-i-just-dont-know/

    Despite a recent conversation with Nick Diaz, UFC President Dana White remains skeptical about his return.

    Diaz (26-9 MMA, 7-6 UFC), who attended UFC 261 in Jacksonville, Fla., Met with White after the event to discuss his potential return. Although White has said the reunion went well, he’s not entirely convinced by Diaz’s desire to compete.

    “It went well,” White said. ESPN. “My whole thing with Nick Diaz is I wonder how much he really wants to fight. We got together, we had a great conversation, talked about a possible return for him, I don’t know. We’ll see how that plays out this summer and the rest of this year.

    Diaz, 37, has been looking in great shape lately. The former Strikeforce champion hasn’t competed since January 2015, but his manager claimed late last year that there was a “99.9999%” chance he would return in 2021.

    White’s biggest concern remains the massive layoff. He thinks Diaz has nothing to prove and doesn’t feel like he really wants to fight.

    “It’s just the time he’s already taken off,” White said. “When you hear him talk about fighting, when you hear him talk about sports – and I sit down daily, or talk daily to hungry young savages who want to get into the top 10, become world champions, all that. “Nick Diaz has done it all, seen it all. He’s been in big fights. I just don’t see that in him when I talk to him.”

    That being said, White knows he can’t stop Diaz and would welcome him to the Octagon. He understands the kind of buzz Diaz generates and just waits for him to ask for a specific name after already saying there is no way he will fight Khamzat Chimaev.

    “He’s a grown man,” White said. “This guy says ‘I want to fight’, we agreed to a fight, and the medics say he’s fit to fight, that has nothing to do with me. …

    “At this point in his career I think they’ll come back and say ‘we want to fight this guy’ so we’ll see who they say they want and then we’ll go from there.”

    Nick Diaz will teach adult cam girls ‘all kinds of self-defense s ** t’ https://waynesusedparts.com/nick-diaz-will-teach-adult-cam-girls-all-kinds-of-self-defense-s-t/ Fri, 07 May 2021 07:00:00 +0000 https://waynesusedparts.com/nick-diaz-will-teach-adult-cam-girls-all-kinds-of-self-defense-s-t/

    Mixed martial arts legend Nick Diaz enters the adult film industry.

    The Stockton native has just announced his partnership with adult cam site Stripchat where he “will invite popular cam girls to his Nick Diaz Academy in California and teach them the basics of self defense.”

    It is understood that the two-hour event will also be webcast live on the site for free.

    The UFC fan favorite made the announcement in a bizarre video posted to social media where he was throwing his nunchucks in front of a funky green screen.

    Oh, and add the intense dubstep music playing on top.

    “I will be broadcasting my training session live at www.NickDiaz.live powered by Stripchat, ”Diaz said in the caption.

    “We’ll cover all kinds of self defense stuff you could use. The date will be announced soon so stay tuned! Until then, tag 2 friends and enjoy 50 Free Tokens by visiting www.NickDiaz.Live see you soon. “

    The 37-year-old was in touch with UFC President Dana White recently over a potential fight for promotion in the near future.

    The news sparked some crazy rumors among fans as to who he could make his long-awaited comeback.

    Some suggested the tale of revenge for losing his brother to Jorge Masvidal would be the perfect comeback tale, while others were more than happy to see the aging warrior still a spectator from the stands.

    Either way, seeing an icon like Diaz back healthy and happy is the bottom line.

    Electric shaver guide: top picks for men https://waynesusedparts.com/electric-shaver-guide-top-picks-for-men/ Thu, 06 May 2021 23:56:37 +0000 https://waynesusedparts.com/electric-shaver-guide-top-picks-for-men/

    Let’s be honest: shaving sucks. Whether it’s the nicks, the weather, the mess, or all the hassle combined, there’s a reason so many of us have embraced beards. But keeping your whiskers under control doesn’t have to be a chore: arming yourself with an electric razor can really change that mindset.

    Traditional straight razors require careful technique, cartridge razors need to be replaced regularly, and both require shaving cream and carry the risk of cuts and irritation. Electric razors eliminate all of these problems. With powerful motors and advanced cutting mechanisms, you’ll enjoy a closer shave in less time, without irritating your skin. The only question left is which one to choose.

    Rotary and foil shavers

    The two main types of electric shavers are rotary and foil shavers. While both styles will produce a great shave and can generally be used wet or dry, there are a few differences to be aware of. Rotary shavers have multiple independent shaving heads that move in a circular motion and conform to the contours of your face. They are the best for cutting longer facial hair. Leaf razors have a foil with holes and oscillating blades located directly below. The hair goes into the holes in the sheet and the blades cut them. They are best suited for cutting facial hair shorter and getting a very close shave.

    If you can’t decide between a rotary razor and a foil razor, buying one from each isn’t a bad idea, that way you’ll be covered regardless of what type of shave you want. To identify the best electric shavers, we’ve rounded up the rotary and foil options (and even a retail razor too) from some of the biggest names, including Philips, Braun, and more. An easier way to shave starts here.

    Rotary shavers

    Philips Norelco 7500 shaver Courtesy Image

    1.Philips Norelco Shaver 7500

    Philips has dominated the electric rotary shaver market for years, and the company’s Norelco Shaver 7500 shows why. Designed to maximize comfort and minimize irritation, the flexible rotating heads rotate 360 ​​degrees to follow the contours of your face. Plus, each head is specially coated to glide over skin, whether wet or dry. With 45 self-sharpening blades that produce 90,000 cutting actions per minute, you’re always ready for a smooth shave.

    [$130; usa.philips.com]

    You understand

    Remington 5100 Virtually Indestructible Rotary Shaver
    Remington 5100 Virtually Indestructible Rotary Shaver Courtesy Image

    2.Remington 5100 Virtually Indestructible Rotary Shaver

    Between being tossed in drawers and thrown in the sink, razors take a beating. Remington designed this rotary shaver with longevity in mind and gave it a limited lifetime warranty to boot.
    The waterproof body and non-slip grip make it easy to use, even in the shower, and you will also get a very close shave thanks to its swivel rotating heads that maintain close contact with your skin. Plus, a thatch attachment and pop-up trimmer will help you compose your look exactly the way you want it.

    [$55; remingtonproducts.com]

    You understand

    Freedom Grooming FlexSeries Grooming Kit Electric Shaver
    Freedom Grooming FlexSeries Grooming Kit Courtesy Image

    3. Freedom Grooming FlexSeries Grooming Kit

    If you need an electric razor designed to shave anywhere, the Freedom Grooming FlexSeries Grooming Kit is a great choice. With an ergonomic handle and five rotating blades, it will adapt to the contours of your head, face or body for a comfortable shave. And since this is a complete kit, you will also get a precision trimmer, exfoliating brush, pre-shave massage brush, and ear and nose trimmer, all at a very reasonable price.

    [$70; freedom-grooming.com]

    You understand

    Aluminum razors

    Braun Series 9 electric shaver with cleaning and charging station
    Braun Series 9 electric shaver with cleaning and charging station Courtesy Image

    4. Braun Series 9 electric shaver with cleaning and charging station

    You’ll be hard pressed to find a better foil electric shaver than the Braun Series 9. It offers a range of high-performance specifications, including a titanium-coated trimmer, ultra-flexible head, automatic beard density sensor, and trimmer. of 40,000 actions per minute.

    Beyond the premium cut, the Series 9 comes with a cleaning and charging station that hygienically cleans, dries and charges your shaver when not in use. But don’t worry if you forget to charge it: the lithium-ion battery will last a full month on a single charge.

    [$300; us.braun.com]

    You understand

    Panasonic Arc5 wet / dry electric shaver
    Panasonic Arc5 wet / dry electric shaver Courtesy Image

    5. Panasonic Arc5 wet / dry electric shaver

    If you’re looking to save money but still want a perfect shave, the Panasonic Arc5 is a worthy contender. Its shaving sensor constantly monitors your beard density and adjusts power, while the head rotates in 16 directions to follow the unique contours of your face and neck. With five precision blades and a powerful motor, it produces 70,000 cutting actions per minute for a fast, clean shave. And it works both wet and dry.

    [$150; bestbuy.com]

    You understand

    Andis 17150 ProFoil Lithium Titanium Shaver Electric Shaver
    Andis 17150 ProFoil Lithium Titanium Razor Courtesy Image

    6. Andis 17150 ProFoil Lithium Titanium Razor

    Founded almost a century ago, And is produces a full line of clippers, trimmers and grooming equipment. While its square shape and simple aesthetic are basic, the ProFoil continues the tradition with a unique design: octagonal shaped titanium sheets that reduce skin irritation and more easily feed the hair through the razor for a precise cut. The powerful lithium-ion battery offers 80 minutes of runtime, and with a price tag of just $ 70, it’s one of the best deals you’ll find.

    [$70; amazon.com]

    You understand

    Gamma + Absolute Zero foil shaver
    Gamma + Absolute Zero foil shaver Courtesy Image

    7. Gamma + Absolute Zero foil shaver

    An ideal blend of performance and portability, the Absolute Zero from Gamma + is a great option for travel and home use. Its smaller size allows it to fit easily into a Dopp kit, and the offset hypoallergenic gold titanium sheets provide a close and comfortable shave. A 30-minute quick charge translates to two full hours of use, and it also comes with two spare knives.

    [$70; gammaplusna.com]

    You understand

    Styling razor

    Philips Norelco OneBlade
    Philips Norelco OneBlade Courtesy Image

    8. Philips Norelco OneBlade

    At first glance, the OneBlade looks like a traditional cartridge razor, but its electric capacity provides a much easier shaving experience, and it’s great for detailing and shaving areas that large tools can’t easily reach. Its maneuverability makes it much easier to create crisp edges on your beard or sideburns, for example.

    Multiple attachment combs let you get the length of stubble you want, and the blade swings to follow your face shape. While the OneBlade doesn’t come as close to the skin as a rotary or foil razor, it’s a good complement for both.

    [$35; usa.philips.com]

    For access to exclusive gear videos, celebrity interviews and more, subscribe on YouTube!

    (Video) Washington Capitals and New York Rangers fight 6 times in one game https://waynesusedparts.com/video-washington-capitals-and-new-york-rangers-fight-6-times-in-one-game/ Thu, 06 May 2021 07:00:00 +0000 https://waynesusedparts.com/video-washington-capitals-and-new-york-rangers-fight-6-times-in-one-game/

    The UFC isn’t the only form of entertainment that results in an all-out brawl. In fact, the UFC and the NHL have a lot in common when it comes to aggression, as well as celebrations. While a standard UFC main card can range from four to five fights, Capitals forward Tom Wilson set the New York Rangers on fire for a revenge tour, resulting in six fights in a game.

    Tom Wilson’s achievements

    Tom Wilson’s aura has become somewhat notorious. This was due to the fact that Wilson had shot Artemi Panarin and Pavel Buchnevich cheaply two nights ago in a previous match. Wilson, who is a repeat offender of aggressive behavior, charged the Rangers, and they took their shoot him immediately in one of the scariest hockey games of all time.

    Rangers and Capitals Brawl

    The Rangers were ready for revenge as Wilson was barely penalized for his actions against Panarin and Buchnevich. He was only fined $ 5,000, which is next to nothing considering Wilson’s current contract is valued at $ 1.1 million. Nonetheless, the Rangers have said regarding Wilson’s actions.

    “The New York Rangers are extremely disappointed that Capitals forward Tom Wilson was not suspended for his horrific act of violence last night at Madison Square Garden,” Rangers said in a statement Tuesday. “Wilson is a repeat offender with a long history of this type of act. We find it shocking that the NHL and its player safety department failed to take appropriate action and suspended him indefinitely. Wilson’s dangerous and reckless actions resulted in an injury to Artemi Panarin that will prevent him from playing again this season.

    From the start of the match, a fight ensued from the face-to-face. Three fights began simultaneously at night, kicking off the Rangers revenge tour.

    No more fights

    Soon after, another scuffle broke out, resulting in the fifth altercation within four minutes of the battle.

    “No more fighting in the Rangers (vs.) the Capitals. It’s a brawl and sheer madness in the garden, ”NY Sportcast said.

    The NHL imposed a combined 100 penalty minutes between the Rangers and the Capitals. And that was only the first period of the game.

    Unfortunately for fight fans, there is only three games to play in the NHL season, and these teams will no longer compete.

    Until next year.

    Nick Diaz will teach adult cam girls self defense https://waynesusedparts.com/nick-diaz-will-teach-adult-cam-girls-self-defense/ Thu, 06 May 2021 07:00:00 +0000 https://waynesusedparts.com/nick-diaz-will-teach-adult-cam-girls-self-defense/

    There must be something appealing about MMA for adult cam sites.

    Remember: In 2018, CamSoda hosted a “Legends” event featuring a former UFC champion and fan favorite of PRIDE. Then last year, you might remember, former Bellator commentator Sean Wheelock signed up with ImLive.com to make play-by-play for adult webcams.

    Now watch who jumps in the mix of adult cam sites ladies and gentlemen: none other than Nick Diaz.

    On Thursday it was announced that Diaz has partnered with Stripchat and as part of the partnership the former Strikeforce Champion will “invite popular cam girls to his Nick Diaz Academy in California and teach them the basics of self-defense. . ” The two-hour session, which will take place in the “near future”, will be broadcast live for free.

    Diaz shared a post on the deal on Instagram:

    I will be broadcasting my training session live at www.NickDiaz.live powered by stripchat. We’ll cover all kinds of self defense stuff you could use

    So this is it. MMA and adult cam sites continue to be a match made in heaven.

    the Blue corner is MMA Junkie’s blog space. We don’t take this too seriously, and neither should you. If you come to complain that something you read here isn’t hard-hitting news, expect the previous sentence to be repeated in ALL CAPS.

    Donald Cerrone: Diego Sanchez “brainwashed” is “not a legend” https://waynesusedparts.com/donald-cerrone-diego-sanchez-brainwashed-is-not-a-legend/ Thu, 06 May 2021 07:00:00 +0000 https://waynesusedparts.com/donald-cerrone-diego-sanchez-brainwashed-is-not-a-legend/

    When Diego Sanchez was cut by the UFC, he had to face his former training partner Donald Cerrone. It’s safe to say that Cowboy isn’t happy with the way things have rocked between Diego and the promotion.

    News of Sanchez’s exit from the UFC first came after it was announced that he was out of his fight with Cerrone. Subsequent reports revealed that there had been a host of worrying behaviors that led to this decision.

    It seems that the influence of his trainer Joshua Fabia on Diego led to his release. Although he categorically denied that this was the case, claiming that there were other issues involved which led to his sudden departure.


    Donald Cerrone says Diego Sanchez is no legend

    Most people were shocked at Diego Sanchez’s exit to the UFC, especially given his consensual status as a legend in the sport. However, Donald Cerrone does not agree that he is, in fact, a legend.

    Speaking in a recent interview, Cowboy made a pretty clear opinion about Diego. He says he doesn’t have a good opinion of his former teammate, and that it’s a very different version of Sanchez than the one he was training with.

    ” It’s not a legend. I don’t think it is, ”Cerrone said. “It’s not in her common sense, man.” He’s not the same kid, this guy I knew. He’s been brainwashed, he’s not all there. It’s not Diego’s decisions or his actions, it’s overwhelming powers that control him.

    So, I don’t know what’s going on with the guy. I wish him the best. But yeah, I’m glad I didn’t fight (him). I wouldn’t want to hurt this guy… He’s a good boy, he’s just controlled by someone else. It just sucks to see that happen, and I wish him the best in his career.

    The final race

    Now, Donald Cerrone will face Alex Morono this weekend, at UFC Vegas 26, in place of Diego Sanchez. Before fighting, he had five consecutive bouts without a win, so he desperately needs to do it on Saturday night.

    That said, Cowboy promises he won’t retire even if he loses this weekend. In fact, he plans to return to lightweight for a final attempt at the 155-pound title.

    “P — k no, it’s not over. We are not losing. I would love to get into a four or five game winning streak and get back into the title race because that’s what we plan to do, ”said Cerrone.

    “I’m going back to ’55 and I’m gonna fuck these boys hell, run that belt one more run.” So yeah guys, Cowboy is here, and I’m bringing hell with me so get ready for the final round.

    Do you think Donald Cerrone is capable of having one more run for the lightweight title?

    The best car auction sites to find the car of your dreams https://waynesusedparts.com/the-best-car-auction-sites-to-find-the-car-of-your-dreams/ Mon, 26 Apr 2021 21:13:49 +0000 https://waynesusedparts.com/the-best-car-auction-sites-to-find-the-car-of-your-dreams/

    Modern cars are exciting, but nothing beats the charm and analog fun of driving a vintage 4 × 4 or sports car. Of course, buying a classic vehicle isn’t as easy as waltzing to a dealership and signing documents. Even the most reliable old cars and trucks require careful maintenance, and finding one that isn’t a total lemon is difficult. This is what makes car auction sites a bargain: they do (most) of the detective work for you. Sites like Bring a trailer have gained a large following in recent years, and in addition to an ever-growing array of high-quality announcements, these are also online dating forums where car enthusiasts can swap stories and share knowledge. This makes it a wealth of information for buyers, whether you have a vehicle in mind or just cruising for fun.

    Sure, you can spend your nights browsing Craigslist and looking for hidden gems on used car aggregators, but a new generation of car auction sites (along with a few established gamers) is making it easier than ever to find. the ride you’ve always wanted. Start your research on the sites below and make some room in your garage.

    1. Bring a trailer

    Bring a trailer, or BaT as it is known among insiders, sets the standard for auto auction platforms. Born out of Randy Nonnenberg’s passion for digging through classified ads to find interesting cars for sale, the site launched in 2007, began hosting its own auctions in 2014, and was in constant growth since.

    Each ad is accompanied by a detailed description written by professionals, a multitude of photos and sometimes one or two driving videos. You will find on the site a wide range of vehicles, from Classic 4×4 at immaculate european sports cars to quirks like a Half-track dating from WWII. The comments section is notoriously active – be sure to scroll through each list to see users responding with hyper-specific questions and sharing memories (good and bad) about similar vehicles they’ve owned. It is always a fun and informative read.

    Learn more

    2. Rad for sale

    RADwood, the auto show dedicated to cars and trucks from the 80s and 90s, sparked a love for modern classic vehicles, especially among Millennials and Gen X enthusiasts who grew up with them. In the spring of 2021, the team behind the motor show launched Rad for sale, an auction platform focused on cars from these two decades.

    Here you will find unique rides from the rad era, such as a Rabbit Mk1, and even hard-to-find parts, such as a wheel set for a ’94 Dodge Viper or one lip spoiler for a Porsche 944. If your vehicle tastes lean more towards Miami vice than Bullitt, this site is definitely worth a visit.

    Learn more

    3. Zero260

    Zero260 was founded by lifelong automotive enthusiasts John Goodman and S. Devon Crail with the goal of showcasing unique cars for sale on Craigslist. A typical Zero260 post shows a vehicle for sale from a private seller, provides a detailed account of what makes the ride remarkable, and offers a price analysis, so you know whether or not it’s a good deal.

    Now the platform has jumped on the auction train, and although the first list of offers is limited, they are enticing: ’67 Tiger Sunbeam and barely driven ’91 Volkswagen Doka Synchro—A model that has never been available for sale in the United States — are among the rides up for grabs. If Craigslist’s past finds on the site are any indication of what’s to come on the auction platform, you can expect a bit of everything from vintage american muscle at “future classics” and more.

    Learn more

    4. Cars and offers

    Another site that focuses on modern classics, Cars and offers launched in 2019 and is the brainchild of automotive writer Doug DeMuro. It lists “just about everything cool from the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s, or 2020s,” making it a treasure trove of interesting and often overlooked vehicles, such as a 1991 Dodge Stealth with four-wheel steering, AWD and a five-speed manual gearbox. Along with cars that no one else in the neighborhood has ever heard of, you’ll also find plenty of classics and even newer models.

    Learn more

    5. Hemlines

    Hemmings is the former of this group. Founded by Ernest Hemmings in 1954, it started out as a 50-cent magazine for car enthusiasts and has since grown into a series of publications and a website filled with classic vehicle news, information on cars. car clubs and ads for sale. It also hosts its own auction platform. Here you’ll find a plethora of eye-catching rides from almost every decade. Hot Rods, mini motorcycles, This thing– no matter what you’re looking for, there’s a good chance you’ll find something you like on Hemmings.

    Learn more

    Michael Browning / Unsplash

    6. eBay Engines

    Maybe you’ve heard of eBay? Although the site has been around for decades, it remains a strong contender for vehicle auctions. Fair warning: you won’t find in-depth expert analysis on every vehicle. It is filled with dealer listings for new inventory, and the quality of the listings varies. But if you’re up for digging, it can be a great resource, especially if you’re considering a specific make and model. The site’s search tools can help you identify exactly what you are looking for. It is also a great place for search for parts, too much.

    Just make sure to always check a seller’s review, which can help you avoid scams and avoid sellers who don’t have a review. eBay also offers a Vehicle protection program this will cover up to $ 100,000 if you are the victim of fraud.

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    April 22, 2021 at 1:37 p.m.
    Update: The announcement has been postponed, but will still go first to conference attendees as soon as it’s cleared, so don’t hesitate and sign up if you’re interested to be the first to learn about the new park. … no matter where it is. . The announcement is now expected in May. (The original message follows.)

    * * *

    There is a new theme park under development in the United States, which will be officially announced at an online conference on Monday.

    The announcement will take place during the Parks Con 21 event next week. Registration for the event is free and you can register through the link above. No details on the location of the park yet, but I can say it will be a multi-terrain theme park and not just an iron park. And that a design studio that has worked on major parks and facilities across the United States is working on the project.

    Parks Con is a three-day online conference, April 26-28, with video-on-demand sessions broadcast live each day at 10:00 a.m. PT. I pre-recorded a session for the conference, talking about international travel planning, if you’d like to take that in addition to the announcement of the new park. A complete schedule will be emailed to participants prior to the conference. Again, here is the registration link if you’d like to watch the presentation, and I’ll have coverage of the announcement, after that happens, here on Theme Park Insider.

    * * *
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