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Section art by Stéphanie Torres.

An accountant


Farber Hass Hurley, srl.
300 E. Esplanade Drive, # 1130, Oxnard


Billy A. Arnold CPA
801 avenue S. Victoria, # 1066, Ventura

Parkway Business Solutions
80 Wood Road, Suite 302, Camarillo

Sierra Managed Accounting Services
2112 Eastman Avenue, Suite 101, Ventura

BEST OPTIONS FOR TENDING YOUR TREE | Local arborists A quick list of certified arborists in Ventura County: Hardin quality arborist Christina Dee Hardin, ISA Certified Arborist 2430 Burnham Road, Ojai 805-290-8704 | Mac Professional Tree Servicee Frank “Pete” Macarone, ISA Certified Arborist 805-649-2782 | Treeco inc. Edwin Slowik, ISA Certified Arborist 2100 Goodyear Ave., # 1, Ventura 805-652-0404 | Arborist Ventura Mark Bruna, ISA Certified Arborist 805-653-0375 | West Coast arborists 11405 Nardo Street, Ventura 805-671-5092 | When you think of important services in a community, things that quickly come to mind usually include vital services used by many people and businesses all the time – accounting, legal services, medical services, appliance repair and computers or veterinary services, etc. might even think of landscaping and gardening services, but not necessarily a very important specialty: an arborist, certified to take care of trees. Ventura County is home to an immeasurable number of trees, many species ranging from cultivated to voluntary, from commercial to purely decorative. But in the shadow of climate change, many are beginning to realize the extreme importance of trees. They provide shade and cool spaces, they provide oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from the air we breathe. Trees also provide mental health benefits. Drought and warming temperatures have stressed many tree species and fostered more disease. When our dogs and cats are sick, we call the vet promptly. Who do you call when your tree needs maintenance? An arborist. Arborists are experts in managing tree health with consideration of public safety (when large limbs fall, it is a danger), landscape maintenance (the roots and branches of trees that s escape can wreak havoc on sidewalks, patios, lawns and fences) and the sustainability of the health tree. Today, landowners as well as local governments and community organizations spend a lot of time and, in some cases, money, in planting and maintaining trees. Not all tree cutters are arborists. Only a certified professional arborist can properly assess a tree’s health and determine the size and care needed to foster and maintain the species for years to come. Some arborists also offer pruning services, while others will steer homeowners toward a trusted pruning service. Trees do so much for the community, and with the stress of drought, compacted sidewalk soil, overwatering or pests, trees need upkeep and care. Make sure you take good care of your tree by finding a local arborist to take a look. Many provide free initial assessments. To find more arborists in your area, visit: In the photo: a grove of oak trees in the Simi Valley.

Auto body shop


Tony’s Body Shop
497, rue Lambert, Oxnard


Avenue bodywork
378 avenue N. Ventura, Ventura

Bodytech collision repair
2920 Seaborg Ave., Ventura

Car Designer / Car Wash


Five-point car wash
2912 Telegraph Road, Ventura


Eight O Five retail store
2747 Sherwin Avenue, B-13, Ventura

Waterdrops Express Car Wash
301 E. Daily Drive, Camarillo, 805-384-9798; 1811 E. Channel Islands Blvd., Oxnard, 805-385-0033; 3680 W. Fifth St., Oxnard, 805-834-3188; 1401 W. Gonzales Road, Oxnard, 805-278-2898



Las Posas Children’s Center
locations throughout the Ventura Unified School District


Small Preschool Tree
1690 E. Main St., Ventura

The little Montessori scholars
6868 Capri Ave., Ventura

Daycare for dogs


Our dog kennel
2568 Canal Drive, #A, VENTURA


Send Rover on
1255 Callens Road, Suite E., Ventura, 805-650-3294; 310 Easy St., Suite D, Simi Valley, 805-650-3294

Laughing dog hostel
3362 Cajon Circle, Santa Rosa Valley

Dog trainer


Genie Tuttle, Genie of the dog
2255 Pleasant Valley Road, Camarillo


Barb Pensky, Laughing Dog Inn
3362 Cajon Circle, Santa Rosa Valley

Shannon Coyner, Ventura Pet Welfare and Dog Training Center
3521 Arundell Circle, #B, Ventura

Financial institution


Ventura County Credit Union
6026 telephone street, Ventura; 687 W. Channel Islands Blvd., Port Hueneme; 2160 Rose Avenue, Oxnard; 711 Daily Drive, Suite 100, Camarillo; 18 W. Thousand Oaks Blvd., Thousand Oaks; 2680 Tapo Canyon Road, Simi Valley; 510 E. Los Angeles Ave., Moorpark
805-477-4000 or 805-339-0496;


Montecito Bank & Trust
4730, telephone road, Ventura

Federal Navy Credit Union
Ventura County Naval Base
535 W. Channel Islands Blvd., Port Hueneme (and several ATMs in Ventura County)


Insurance agent


Efrain Cazares, State Farm
4300 Tradewinds Dr., # 160, Oxnard


Jill Olivares, Allstate
370 N. Ventura Ave., Oak View

Greg Mauk, GEICO
1620, chemin E. Gonzales, Oxnard

Lawyer / Law firm


Bamieh & De Smeth
692, boulevard E. Thompson, Ventura


Quirk Law Firm
877 S. Victoria Ave., Unit 111, Ventura

Beltran & Beltran Accident Lawyers
1000 Town Center Drive, # 300, Oxnard



Williams Automotive
6027, boulevard Ventura, Ventura


Neighborhood car maintenance
1838 E. Thompson Boulevard, Ventura

ABC Auto Care
4745 Market St., Unit A, Ventura

Moving company


Meat movers
1401 avenue Maulhardt, Oxnard


Moving and storing PODS
301 avenue S. Rose, # 104, Oxnard

Hilford Moving and Storage
1595 avenue S. Arundell, Ventura

Music teacher


Jodi Farrell, Jodi Farrell Music Studio
1926 E. Main St., Ventura


Phil Salazar, the violin shop of Phil Salazar
921 E. Main St., Ventura

Noah Skultety, stage and arts player
2222, boulevard Ventura, Camarillo

Non-profit organisation


Casa Pacifica centers for children and families
1722 S. Lewis Road, Camarillo


Ventura County Food Share
4156 Southbank Road, Oxnard

Boys & Girls Clubs
Across Ventura County,

Diversity Collective Ventura County
2471 Portola Road, Unit 100, Ventura



Big brand tire and service
578 S. Dawson Drive, Camarillo, 805-383-3108; 1313 S. Oxnard Blvd., Oxnard, 805-487-7883; 3850 E. Main St., Ventura, 650-3290; 1304 Newbury Park Road, Thousand Oaks, 805-494-4200


Neighborhood car maintenance
1838 E. Thompson Boulevard, Unit B, Ventura

Williams Automotive
6027, boulevard Ventura, Ventura

Pet groomer


Aloha dog grooming
1998 E. Main St., Ventura


Dee Dee’s dog spot
973 E. Front St., Ventura

Bark and Bath Pet Salon
2041 E. Main St., Ventura



Gallegos plumbing
1387 Callens Road, Ventura


Mike Kimble Plumbing
5770 Nicolle St., #E, Ventura

Franklin and Vizzo
2594 Canal Drive, Ventura

Real estate agent


Comden | Ridgeway | Barosso Group, Keller Williams West
2831 N. Ventura Road, Oxnard


Joe kapp
785 S. Seaward Ave., Ventura

Jessica Judd, Keller Williams West
1690, boulevard Ventura, Camarillo; 109 N. Blanche St., Ojai; 2750 Park View Court, Suite 260, Oxnard; 1071 S. Seaward Ave., Ventura

Retirement home


Cypress Place retirement home
1200 Cypress Place Lane, Ventura


Ventura Townhouse
4900 Telegraph Road, Ventura

Pacifica retirement home
2211, chemin E. Gonzales, Oxnard

Surfboard Shaper


Blinky Hubina, Ventura surf shop
88, boulevard E. Thompson, Ventura


Steve Walden, Walden’s Surfboards Inc.
853 E. Front St., Ventura

Robert Weiner, Robert’s surfboards
1362 Place de la Tour, # 1, Ventura



Ohana Animal Hospital
4547, telephone road, office A, Ventura


The cat doctor
4587 telephone path, Ventura

East Ventura Veterinary Hospital
10225 Telephone Road, Unit D, Ventura

]]> Etienne L. Williams 1939-2021 | News, Sports, Jobs Sun, 12 Sep 2021 04:03:01 +0000 HUBBARD – Ethelene L. Williams, 82, died on Saturday, September 4, 2021 at Sharon Regional Medical Center.

Ethelene was born April 13, 1939 in Newton Falls, daughter of Harold and Helen Lawrence Sheldon. She graduated in 1957 from Newton Falls High School.

Ethelene was an administrative assistant for Pete Ashby Appliance Repair and then worked for the American Cancer Society in Sharon, Pennsylvania.

She was a member of the Victory Christian Center Vienna Campus, where she taught many classes and touched the lives of many young girls as a Missionettes / Girls Ministry godmother, and was a member of the Happy Wanderers senior group of Corner House Christian Church of Hubbard.

She loved Jesus with all her heart and her desire was for her whole family to one day be in Heaven with her. He had precious time left on earth, but had to make sure that the love of his life knew how important it was to him to be sure to join her someday. She looked him in the eye and asked him to be sure that one day he would join her in Heaven.

Her greatest joy in life was spending time with her family, supporting all of the children and grandchildren in everything they do. She also loved to travel, flowers, cats, feed and bird watch.

She will be remembered and sadly missed by her family: her husband, James H. Williams, whom she married on June 24, 1960; her children, Debra Myla (Alan) Morris of Hayes, Virginia, James Douglas (Anita) Williams of Bristolville, Lora Lynette (John) Bancroft of Hubbard and Sharlene Louise (Victor) Yarger of Tellico Plains, Tenn .; her grandchildren, Megan and Mike Peteler, Kayla and Michael Buckner, Neil Yarger, Amanda and Dan Parson, Angela and Andrew Macala, Rachel and Joe Waltemire, Aaron and Lauren Williams, Jewelya Williams, Andrea Williams, Natalie Bancroft and Zoe Williams; and great-grandchildren, Leif, Ada, Kolton, Mikki, Lexi and Charlotte. She also leaves behind her brother, Raymond R. Sheldon Sr. of Hubbard.

Besides her parents, she was predeceased by her brothers, James Sheldon and Leonard Sheldon.

His homecoming celebration took place on Tuesday, September 7, 2021 at the Victory Christian Center Vienna Campus. The services have been released to protect everyone during this pandemic.

Memorial contributions can be made at the Victory Christian Center, 5000 Warren Sharon Road, Vienna, OH 44473.

Funeral arrangements are in the care of Stewart-Kyle Funeral Home. Family and friends are invited to visit the funeral home’s website at to share their memories and condolences.

(special notice)

Tips for a Safe Landscape Lighting Installation Thu, 09 Sep 2021 04:25:30 +0000

Good contractors always have the best interests of their clients in mind and follow all the rules based on their state or province and local code requirements. When a contractor secures the facility, he is protecting himself and his customers. Here are some tips to protect your team.

Call before you dig. Before you begin any excavation on a property, you should have service lines marked by utility companies. In the United States, call 811 to request that utility lines be marked before you dig. You can also visit to contact 811 in your respective state. In Canada, visit

Make this call several business days in advance so that you can bypass the indicated service lines. This rule applies to all excavations, regardless of the size of the job.

Why is this important? Many utilities are buried a few inches above the ground. They can be hit by a shovel very easily. If you cut a utility line and did not call 811 ahead of time, the responsibility lies with you. This could result in fines and repair costs.

Transformer safety. For landscape lighting, use a transformer certified to UL 1838 or with an ETL listing to UL 1838 standards. Landscape lighting power supplies covered by this standard have a maximum output voltage of 15 volts.

Landscape lighting transformer output circuits are rated at a maximum of 25 amps and 300 volt-amps. A circuit breaker or fuse must be on the secondary side in the event of a short circuit or overload.

Be sure to follow all manufacturer’s specifications and instructions and follow the safety precautions listed below: submersible mounting.

• Transformers should be mounted within 2 feet of a standard 110 or 120 volt electrical outlet and at least 12 inches above the ground.

• The outlet must be GFCI protected or be a GFCI outlet.

• Use a waterproof cover to prevent short circuits and electric shock.

• The power cord coming from the transformer must be earthed. Make a drip loop with the excess cord to prevent water from moving along the cable path and entering the receptacle.

• Never cut the power cord of a transformer. Garden light transformers are intended to be used as a device, not as a hard-wired part. When a transformer cord is cut, it voids the UL or ETL classification, making it an unapproved device.

• Never modify a transformer in any way. Use only approved testing methods in accordance with transformer receptacles. Do not attach any other electrical device to the control outlets.

Always use personal protective equipment. Wear that helmet! Your most important asset is your brain. When you are hit in the head, even a small piece of debris can cause serious brain damage.

Just like protecting your head, protecting your eyes is just as essential. When cutting and stripping landscape lighting cable, the strands can be as sharp as needles. Safety glasses or goggles protect your eyes from flying debris.

Steel-toed boots and work shoes help protect your feet and ankles. A 12-2 cable reel can weigh 30 pounds or more. If you stumble and it falls on your foot, you’ll be thankful that you invested in protective footwear.

In some areas it may be necessary to use high visibility clothing, especially if you are working at a commercial job or at the side of a road.

Remember that you are very important to your family and your community. The great work you do makes the world a better place, so take these precautions to keep everyone safe.

Kevin Smith is the National Technical Support and Trainer at Brilliance LED LLC, Carefree, Arizona, and can be contacted at

Financial Preparedness Key for Families – Fort Carson Mountaineer Sat, 04 Sep 2021 17:00:19 +0000

By Scott Prater

Mountaineer staff

FORT CARSON, Colorado – Unforeseen emergencies often seem to happen at the most inopportune times – the furnace goes out on the first cold night of fall; the family car broke down shortly after a soldier left town on deployment. Perhaps a soldier new to the military is having issues with basic salary or housing allowance and has reached a deadline to produce rent or mortgage payment.

Deployments often result in increased emergency needs for remaining spouses and family members: home and auto repairs, replacement of appliances, food and clothing, for example.

As the 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, prepares for an upcoming deployment, the Army Community Service (ACS) Financial Readiness Program (FRP) at Fort Carson hopes to make Soldiers, spouses and members of the family aware of the help available for those experiencing temporary financial difficulties.

an egg on top of coins in the nest shows us that we should be financially ready by saving and investing money from an early age to achieve financial freedom“Really, deploying a unit doesn’t change how the FRP and Army Emergency Relief (AER) work,” said Fred Lewis, AER officer at Fort Carson. “ACS Financial Readiness provides services to families before deployment, during deployment and after deployment. What soldiers need to know, however, is that in order for an Army spouse to receive AER funds, the military must file a special power of attorney that specifies the AER.

Obtaining a special power of attorney can be done through the Fort Carson legal office, but Lewis said filing the special power of attorney is something many soldiers don’t think about prior to deployment.

“We are trying to get the word out to unit leaders and soldiers,” he said. “Our FRP team organizes pre-deployment briefings with many units. At the same time, we understand that some people may be reluctant to seek financial assistance due to the embarrassment or stigma associated with seeking help.

AER provides approximately $ 70 million in grants and zero interest loans to over 40,000 military families per year, but this is just a resource service offered through FRP.

“Many soldiers, for example, may be the primary financial person in a household, but when that soldier is deployed, paying the bills and managing the accounts is the responsibility of the spouse,” Lewis said. “Sometimes spouses, and soldiers for that matter, may have to deal with debt issues, but we have financial advisers who can help reform a budget or negotiate a debt.”

Mary Braxton, manager of ACS’s financial readiness program, said the FRP also conducts reintegration briefings for units that are redeploying.

A miniature old man and a miniature old woman sitting on a pile of coins.  The concept of financial design after retirement.“We are proactive when it comes to financial reintegration training,” she said. “If a unit leader thinks a unit might find a briefing helpful or even if a particular soldier needs a one-on-one financial counseling session, we can provide it.”

To learn more about the services and resources available through the ACS Financial Readiness Program, contact ACS at 526-4605.

Extended appliance warranty: is it worth it? Thu, 02 Sep 2021 11:42:35 +0000

Buy a new device comes with a mixture of emotions. There is the excitement of owning a brand new device, the desire to use it, as well as the fear that the device will not last long. Now, this is where an extended warranty for household appliances comes in.

But what is an extended warranty?

This is usually a service contract that covers the cost of replacing or repairing a device in the event of a breakdown. You can buy extended warranties for different products. However, most people buy extended warranties for major household appliances, like stoves, refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers, among others.

Warranty extensions have different terms and conditions. Some warranties may be valid for only one year, while others may be valid for five or ten years. Plus, some extended warranties only cover repair costs, while others offer a full refund. However, the question arises as to what specific repairs cover the extended warranties and whether a customer has to pay any additional charges such as shipping costs or deductibles, or whether they themselves have the option of receiving this coverage. .

So what specifically do extended warranties cover?

Generally, extended warranties on household appliances cover damage caused by general wear and tear on the electrical and mechanical components of your appliances. However, it is important to note that an extended warranty covers specific devices. This means that you need to purchase a separate warranty for each device you have in your home.

Home guarantees, on the other hand, cover different types of appliances in your home with one policy. While you need several extended warranties to cover all of your appliances, a residential warranty covers all of the appliances in your home, including your pool, septic system, and well pump.

Now that you understand what an extended appliance warranty is, why should you get one for your precious appliances?

Helps you save money

Most appliance failures are an emergency. This means that you may not have the money to repair the device immediately after it breaks down. However, having an extended warranty for your devices helps avoid the stress and costs associated with repairing a damaged device. Thus, your damaged device will be repaired immediately at no additional cost, other than the monthly payments you make for the warranty extension.

Gives you peace of mind

An extended warranty for your appliances works like an insurance policy. And just like having an insurance policy, an extended warranty for appliances gives you peace of mind. Most people who buy extended warranties have expensive devices.

Thus, if the devices fail, the owners are protected against any financial loss. The experts of Appliance Repair in Tampa, Hartman say that an extended appliance warranty is useful when it comes to expensive appliances like HVAC and refrigerators.

There are no exceptions

Although most devices come with warranties, there is always exceptions to these guarantees. However, this is not the case with extended warranties for devices. Such warranties protect you from recurring repair bills if your device continues to break down frequently. This means that even if your device breaks down multiple times during the warranty period, your provider will cover all these claims and even offer you a refund for the purchase of a new device.

Access to a professional repairer

It doesn’t matter whether you purchase your extended warranty from a third party or from the manufacturer, you are assured of having access to a qualified technician in case your device needs repair. Your warranty service provider has access to professional technicians, whom they will contact to come and repair your device in the event of a malfunction.

Important points to consider

An extended warranty for household appliances incurs additional costs. Therefore, it is important to understand what you will get from your warranty before you buy it. With that said, let’s take a look at a few considerations to take into account before purchasing an extended warranty:

  • Does the device need to be repaired? Some devices rarely fail when kept in good condition. Therefore, you should investigate whether there is a substantial risk that justifies purchasing an extended warranty for your device.
  • What does the warranty cover? Most people tend to be surprised when they realize that an extended warranty does not cover certain parts of their devices. Some companies tend to use clauses that release them from any liability in the event that the user modifies the device or does not perform regular maintenance. It is therefore important to take the time to read the terms and conditions of the warranty before signing the contract. It can save you a lot of stress in the future.
  • How do you make complaints? Now, depending on the terms of your warranty, the store, a third party contractor, or the manufacturer can perform the required repair work. Therefore, it is important to know these details in advance.
  • Reliability of the service company – an extended warranty is as good as the company providing it. Most customers tend to buy extended warranties from retailers. However, some companies do not recognize these guarantees. So if you don’t know the reputation of the business or if you are unsure about sharing your credit card details over the phone, just steer clear of this business.

Final result

While it may cost you more, an extended appliance warranty can come in handy in the future, especially if you have an appliance that keeps breaking down. However, we cannot stress enough the importance of doing your research before purchasing your extended warranty. It can help you avoid falling into a trap and losing your money.

ine Kerr: Reignite 2.5 – The messy environment Sat, 28 Aug 2021 07:17:10 +0000

Visit the main Reignite webpage here

Brené Brown calls it Day 2. Scott Belsky calls it The Messy Middle.

Both talk about the intermediate kilometers between the start line and the finish line of a long arduous marathon, the difficult sites where there is often no turning back and where you have to figure out how to get out of the fog of the challenge. and ambiguity. Day 2 and the Messy Middle cannot be skipped; they are essential to the project, the company or the course.

Often the first mile and the last mile are the most enjoyable, when you leave with a sense of novelty and opportunity, and later when you head to a finish line with a sense of pride and accomplishment. . The 24 miles in between are filled with fear, crisis, uncertainty and worldliness, but it is in these miles that magic and learning occurs, where resilience is built.

Reignite concludes her second series with plenty more in Belsky’s Messy Middle or Brown’s Day 2. We’ve had four episodes discussing what we’ve learned over the past 18 months, what effective leadership looks like, how to avoid burnout, and how to break glass ceilings. In Reignite 2.5, we discuss what the future of work looks like, as people return to school, college, and the workplace or face new jobs, career changes or challenges. retirements.

We are joined by Anne O’Leary of Vodafone, futurist Philipp Kristian, who thinks the time has come to ‘Reset’ and create a different future, and Scott Belsky, author of The Messy Middle.

Belsky will argue that resilience is built by enduring the lows and maximizing the highs, while creating a sense of optimism in order to re-energize those around you. Expect him to advocate for hiring people with initiative, rather than experience, to hire people who have endured adversity, rather than filtering resumes based on ratings. exam or corporate titles.

He recently coined the phrase ‘education for employment’, a new era that will see people change their approach to meet the needs of the market. According to this model, people will choose a profession, get an education and training, find a job or create a business, all within a unique support framework. Take for example a company called Nana that will train you in appliance repair and then move you to a locality, fueled by advice and leads from the manufacturers of those appliances. Or another company called Main Street that will train you as a painter, provide you with all the tools you need, and get you fully up and running within 30 days.

Reignite 2.5 also explores themes such as menopause awareness training, finding new career opportunities after retirement, resetting, and the importance of perfecting yourself, staying curious and never being done. To use Scott Belsky’s words: “To have done is to die.”

New Zealand’s biggest fire trucks continue to break down and no new ones are on order Wed, 25 Aug 2021 23:03:30 +0000 Fire trucks lined up in Auckland’s CBD as crews work on the NZ International Convention Center blaze in October 2019. Photo / RNZ

By Phil Pennington of RNZ

Almost two years after the SkyCity convention center fire, the nation’s biggest fire trucks keep breaking down and no new ones have been ordered.

There is still no national strategy to replace trucks, called antennas.

This despite the investigation into the convention center fires a year ago which requested one, saying it was “overdue and … amounts to a gap in the updated policy.”

Auckland and Wellington have been downsized to one each, one of the biggest ladder trucks, in recent weeks.

Gray Lynn firefighter and union leader Martin Campbell said he asked the regional director for back-ups. “He said there was no possibility if it broke down.”

Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) said Auckland will pick up its repaired truck this week, leaving one under repair.

“The public can be reassured that we have the capacity to respond to emergencies,” said FENZ.

He has Auckland crews instructed not to take large scale trucks on initial calls.

This is partly to prevent “wear and tear,” and also because it is more effective, FENZ said.

Campbell said it’s not sure.

“They are trying to wrap the truck in cotton and basically told us to lock it… unless we are going to have an incident where flames are coming out of the windows,” said the secretary of the Auckland branch of the Union. professional firefighters.

“Instead of thinking, ‘What is the tactical and safe strategic decision?’, [officers] have in the back of their mind, ‘Will I be disciplined if I call for an aircraft?’ “

But FENZ headquarters in Wellington rejects this; an antenna would be triggered if an officer in charge called one, said northern Te Hiku region director Ron Devlin.

“Forgotten about foresight”

The firefighters accuse FENZ of a lack of urgency which, according to them, has weakened the heavy air fleet.

“They just forgot about foresight, planning and strategy, and just neglected the heavy air fleet,” Campbell said.

FENZ repels

An antenna used in the SkyCity fire in Auckland in 2019. Photo / RNZ
An antenna used in the SkyCity fire in Auckland in 2019. Photo / RNZ

“The public can rest assured that our fleet is safe and suitable for the job,” Deputy Director General of Organizational Strategy and Capacity Development Russell Wood said in a statement after declining an interview.

The fleet is configured based on a 2003 strategy. SkyCity’s survey and the union pointed out that this did not take into account Auckland’s rapid population growth and the spread of multi-story infill housing.

Heavy trucks (types 5 and 6 with 32m long ladders) can be found in Auckland (two plus a reserve), Wellington (two) and one in Hamilton, Dunedin and Christchurch – three of those seven were recently under repair . There are 18 other Light Aerial Type 4s with 17m ladders all over the country.

Several firefighters, whom RNZ has agreed not to name, say problems continue to resurface with aging large antennas and can take months to resolve.

Blackouts complicated the response to the fires at the SkyCity convention center in October 2019.

The August 2020 investigation report shows that the only large antenna available was Auckland’s oldest – a back-up machine over 20 years old.

Two newer large trucks were under repair.

In the end, the teams had to call one from Hamilton – and another from the repair shop.

This left the city with no reserve “to provide surge capacity,” the survey said.

The SkyCity fire was elusive, under the roof, so “having more antennas there sooner wouldn’t have changed the outcome,” FENZ told RNZ.

Investigation indicated that the 32m ladders only reached the top of SkyCity’s roof, and suggested that FENZ consider purchasing antennas with greater range; This is what London has been doing since the deadly Grenfell Tower fire in 2017.

‘In progress’

Two years later, FENZ cannot say whether or not Auckland will get larger antennas.

“Any decision to expand Auckland’s overall air capacity will be factored into the air strategy review,” said Wood.

The new strategy should be ready next year.

Yet even without a strategy, FENZ is preparing to buy four new large antennas. It was “well advanced” and did not depend on strategy, Wood said.

The new trucks have not been ordered and their delivery could take several months.

Wellington Firefighters Union President Clark Townsley said the aviation strategy meetings he was a part of were just beginning.

“My biggest concern (…) was the lack of urgency.

“We saw $ 7.5 million spent on rebranding, and only $ 6 million was allocated for new antennas.

“People call the 111, they expect a trained professional with modern equipment to do the job – not 25-year-old vehicles that are groomed throughout their lifespan,” Townsley said.

The lack of a dedicated training antenna was also a big gap, he said.

Wellington to a

Wellington has two Type 5s, but one is broken and it will take another two months to fix it.

Townsley said the truck needed ongoing repairs; at one point, the cage at the end of the ladder tipped forward during checks – “there was a risk of injury” if she had been at work, he said.

FENZ’s approach has been to replace the heavy antennas at around 25 years old. He maintains them every three months.

A firefighter told RNZ that rust was recently found on the scale of the older machine. It is certified once a year, the FENZ being exempt from the usual half-yearly checks.

“How can a 12 month overhead boom safety inspection be better than a 6 month inspection?” asked a firefighter in an email to RNZ.

Wood defended the interview file.

“We make sure that they [firefighters] have the tools and support they need to operate safely and protect the public, ”he said.

D&G makes household appliance destocking more ethical Mon, 23 Aug 2021 18:06:55 +0000

D + G is joining forces with the Reuse charity to facilitate the donation of their used household appliances.

49% of consumers prefer to buy new household appliances

A recent survey from Domestic and General found that nearly 50% of consumers (49%) would still prefer to buy new appliances when they move. From this data, Domestic and General partnered with the Reuse Network to make it easier for consumers to have a positive impact on the environment by donating and recycling their old household appliances using this tool.

57% of people are more willing to donate household appliances through charity

D + G is teaming up with this charity after it was revealed that over 50% of people (57%) would be more willing to donate their old appliances if they knew they could go through a charity. charity.

The survey found that when it comes to disposing of old devices, 58% of people said they are interested in freecycling (which involves giving, recycling or exchanging an item) because of the environmental benefits. . In addition, 37% think freecycling makes good financial sense, saving you money when you need devices or assistive goods. When given a choice, 22% have already recycled an old self-service device, and 51% would but have not yet done so.

More people commit to sustainability goals

These figures are not, however, isolated. A Deloitte survey confirms that attitudes towards sustainable living have changed, with more people committing to achieving sustainable goals. The survey found that 61% of people have limited their use of single-use plastic in the past 12 months and 30% have chosen brands because of their ethical practices and values.

The survey suggests that a lack of clarity is what keeps more people from reaching their sustainable goals. 28% of people responded to Domestic & General’s survey indicating that they are reluctant to donate household appliances just because they don’t know how, and 17% of people cannot pick up their item for donation , or charities in their area do not fundraise.

Partnership with the reuse network

The Reuse Network Charity works with partner members from across the UK who are helping reduce poverty, reduce waste and tackle climate change. In 2020, the reuse sector prevented 111,664 tonnes of products from going to landfill, helping 1.5 million households to be helped across the UK.

While there is still a reluctance to buy a pre-liked device with 74% of people saying they would be concerned about the quality of the goods they would receive, 54% of people would be happier to inherit one. well recycled once they knew they could protect it with a D&G policy.

Domestic & General are happy to share that they are now a Friend of Reuse Network, a network of charities that reuse and repair donated home appliances and deliver them to people in need, usually at affordable prices or through social fund programs. By working together, they hope to have a significant impact on the environment and people’s lives.

The center of Hurricane Henri is now moving towards Western Mass. Sunday night Sat, 21 Aug 2021 21:48:00 +0000

Hurricane Henri is expected to pass through the eastern tip of Long Island and make landfall on the Connecticut coast on Sunday afternoon or early evening as a strong tropical storm or weak hurricane, the National said on Saturday. Weather Service.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency said the resulting storm surge from Henry could reach 5 feet high along the coast of Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Emergency experts are advising residents to prepare for the coming storm by preparing to evacuate if local authorities order it. Have a battery-powered radio and flashlights available. Do not use candles or oil lamps for emergency lighting due to the extreme fire risk.

Do not use a grill, propane, natural gas or gasoline appliance in your home due to the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

In a streaming update, Gov. Charlie Baker said the storm’s track for Henry shifted west, bringing the storm across Long Island in Connecticut and roughly to the Connecticut River valley in western Massachusetts. The storm is expected to lose power as it passes through land, entering Connecticut as a strong tropical storm or a weak Category 1 hurricane. ‘he loses power quickly as he heads north into Massachusetts.

Hurricane Henri Trajectory (AccuWeather)

The National Weather Service forecasts heavy rains and gusty winds in western and central Massachusetts, with power outages likely. Residents can also expect flooding from rivers and streams already swollen by rain. Between 3 and 6 inches of rain could fall between Sunday and Monday morning.

Heavy rains and high winds can knock down large trees, dragging power lines with them. A power failure could affect the area for several days or weeks. In Connecticut, Eversource predicts that up to 69% of its customers in the impact area will lose power for 21 days.

Eversource vice president for electrical operations Douglas Foley said the utility is organizing repair trucks and crews at the Eastern States Fairgrounds in West Springfield. Eversource is also opening its five emergency operations centers across the state.

FEMA said it is planning around 100 people at Westover Air Reserve, including an urban search and rescue team, a chain saw team and 50 semi-trailer platforms. He also organized meals, clean water and generators to help mitigate the impacts of the hurricane.

Hurricane Henri

Storm forecast for hurricane Henri (AccuWeather)

Hurricane Henri

Hurricane Henri forecast for Sunday August 22, 2021 (AccuWeather)

You do not own the digital movies you purchase from Amazon Prime. here’s why Sat, 21 Aug 2021 19:26:00 +0000

This problem goes so much deeper than the movies on Amazon Prime. The New York Times reported in 2009 that Amazon’s Kindle stores had removed certain editions of George Orwell’s books – “1984”, “Animal Farm” – from customers’ devices, ironically enough. (Amazon said the editions were offered for sale by a company that did not have the proper rights to the works.) And Nebraska farmers lost the right to repair their own tractors in 2017. A Guardian article explains that farmers wanted to pass a “right to repair” law because John Deere does not allow anyone other than its authorized repair personnel to do anything on a John Deere tractor. In one case, it meant that a man couldn’t turn off an alarm that went off every 10 minutes. Because the repair was too expensive, the man “faced the sound of the alarm intermittently for almost a year.”

Often we own the physical object, but not the software that makes that object usable. So whenever a “smart” version of a device is released, it’s a chance for a company to lease you the rights to your own refrigerator or whatever.

So the next time you think about watching a movie, consider whether you want the ease and space saving of digital access or the permanence of physical media. Don’t forget the commentary tracks either! It’s fun, isn’t it?