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The pandemic has forced many people to be creative in how they have spent their free time over the past year and a half, as many activities such as dining out or attending live events have suddenly been turned off. removed from the equation. But few experiences have been as sorely missed as going to the movies and watching the latest movies on the big screen. So it’s no surprise that many people got creative during this time, embracing the trend that many others have already taken advantage of by setting up their own outdoor theaters with video projectors.

As people who own high-end models like the XGIMI Halo projector will probably tell you, these are suitable substitutes for quality TVs. Many of them are even more affordable. But the versatility of a projector, especially one with the features built into the XGIMI Halo, makes the product stand out in the crowded realm of TV technology.

When quarantine first forced schools to close and remote work for many families in early 2020, I bought a projector and started hosting screenings on our garage door, inviting them to neighbors to join us while maintaining a safe distance as we watched the latest movies hitting theaters. It was fun but required a lot of setup, including long extension cords, perfect projector placement, and setting up my Apple TV to stream. It got a little tedious after a few nights.

This is where one of the XGIMI Halo’s greatest strengths comes in, as it doesn’t need to meet any of these requirements to deliver a better experience. The device is WIFI enabled and has its own Android operating system, and comes with sophisticated keystone correction that can be changed to create the perfect angle in many directions.

Breaking it all down, keystone correction is probably the most convenient feature. Many other projectors require placement directly in front of the screen, and if it’s mounted on the ceiling or in a fixed spot for rear projection, it’s probably difficult to remove it and place it somewhere else. The Halo can be placed in many different places, whether on the ground or on a higher surface and can be adjusted so that its angle is ideal in the right aspect ratio for whatever you are looking at. This is especially handy for public screenings with neighbors, as the projector can be placed out of the way so that it doesn’t get accidentally hit by someone rushing to get more popcorn.

It also includes a convenient autofocus feature that can be turned off and manually adjusted with the remote control. However, the autofocus itself works quite well and I didn’t need to deal with it under ideal conditions. I should note that some nights were affected by winds which caused our screen surface to wobble a bit which would cause the autofocus feature to be readjusted due to the projection areas becoming a bit blurry. Fortunately, it’s easy to turn it off when needed.

The built-in battery contributes to the convenience of the device, although the power saving settings make the image less bright when unplugged from a power source. We’ve got a little over two hours of battery life on a full charge, so some longer movies may need a recharge if you risk unplugging. It’s a cool feature, but just be aware that streaming requires more power, so to watch sporting events or something on Hulu or Disney + you’ll want to keep that in mind.

It also has Bluetooth capabilities, which is convenient for outdoor use. Again this is another battery drain, but as good as the sound of the built-in Harmon Kardon speakers with an indoor setup, you might need some extra sound power from a bluetooth speaker plus strong when installed outdoors. That said, the built-in speakers are great for indoor use, although they slightly lack deeper bass compared to other frequencies.

Perhaps the most convenient feature of the XGIMI Halo is the Android operating system, which allows users to download their favorite streaming services as well as a myriad of other games and apps available on the Google Play Store. The biggest issue here, as you’ll likely find in other reviews, is the lack of Netflix which isn’t available on the XGIMI device. This means that you will need to use a Roku, Fire Stick, Apple TV, or other streaming devices with Netflix capabilities to watch using the popular service.

The device includes a few different ports on the back, including plugins for the A / C adapter, an HDMI cable, USB 2.0, and a headphone jack. This makes it easy to install non-bluetooth speakers or a video game console, especially newer 4K-capable systems like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X – the Halo provides a high quality picture for both comparable to an affordable 4K TV.

The projector is a powerful LED light source that makes HD images appear on many surfaces, even in certain light conditions. While any projector looks best in a darker environment, many of them require high-end screens to get the most out of their projection quality. But the Halo can run on virtually any surface and still look great – no screen required. Although we have a fixed screen on the wall in our children’s playroom to be able to use the projectors indoors, I have also tested it on the wall in my office and bedroom in less than conditions. ideal. Image quality doesn’t suffer to the point of becoming unusable, and that’s probably the selling point for many people looking to spend the money on a decent projector.

Projectors are versatile, which makes them attractive to customers for many different reasons. Some want more affordable options compared to a TV, while others want them for public events or group meetings. The XGIMI Halo might be more expensive than some other projectors you’ll find at a retailer, but it delivers the quality you expect from high-end products that cost twice as much. And because of the versatility and convenience it offers for use in a home theater system or at a hastily organized outdoor gathering, this is definitely something you should consider if you are looking for a projector you’ll enjoy using for years to come.

The XGIMI Halo projector currently costs $ 799 and can be purchased from the XGIMI website.

An XGIMI Halo projector was provided to ComicBook.com by XGIMI for the purpose of this review.

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